Ontario 150 - Ontario 150 logo buttons and magnets February 10 2017

Ontario 150 confederation anniversary coming up on July 1st.  You may have seen the TV ads that started this week.

Ontario 150 official logo

On July 1, 1867, Ontario, Quebec, New Brunswick and Nova Scotia entered into Confederation. That’s why we celebrate Canada’s anniversary each year on July 1st.

2017 will mark our 150th anniversary, so this is a big birthday!  The Ontario government says this is a chance to celebrate and reflect on our history, look ahead towards the next 150 years, and embark on an exciting new chapter for the province.

At People Power Press we will be celebrating with Ontario 150 buttons and magnets. The Ontario 150 logo has been criticized as being unclear, not clean and not balanced and apparently cost $30,000.  Toronto Star Article.  I know our design team would have done it for less and it would be better but what can you do.  This is the official logo and it's got a quirky feel to it.

There is also the official Canada 150 logo which has also been criticized, so if anyone out there can do better for either of these designs, send it in and if we publish it we'll send you a button with your Ontario 150 logo.

Canada150 official logo buttons.