Supporting Occasional Teachers in York Region | Custom Union Buttons and Stickers January 08 2020

Teachers and other school support staff have been bust negotiating with the government of Ontario this Fall and now into the New Year.

And now high school teachers, including those from York Region's Ontario Secondary School Teachers Federation (OSSTF) District 16, have had  a number of rotating strikes with more to come if negotiations with the provincial government continue. 

 osstf buttons strike

As OSSTF teachers hit the picket lines, York Region's OSSTF District 16 wants to make sure the support for teachers includes occasional teachers too with these bright and big 2.25" buttons and matching stickers. 

Occasional teachers are also represented by the union - there are approximately 600 occasional members in District 16 - and they too are affected by labour negotiations and rotating strikes happening now in the province. Occasional teachers include teachers short and long term occasional teachers. 

Major sticking points in negotiations include OSSTF demands that the government:

  • Revert to 2018-19 average class size of 22 students to 1 teacher - new average is 25 down from original 28 students per class; 
  • Eliminate mandatory e-learning - students must now take 2 online course in order to graduate, down from originally proposed 4 courses;
  • Commit to salary increases that are in line with rate of inflation and not Bill 124, which sees public sector increases capped at 1%.

If you are getting buttons, you can get matching stickers (great for members not wanting to pin their coats or to stick to other things like signs, etc.) for a great rate when ordering at the same time as your buttons.

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