Custom Fashion Pins for Pin-Up Brand Putré-Fashion | Custom Buttons Quebec City November 20 2018

When Isabelle Drolet was still in high school she started Putré-Fashion, a fashion company that has now grown to be available in stores across North America, Australia and more. 

The clothes have a variety of influences including gothic, punk, pin-up and underground. The designs, while sometimes hard to  categorize, are designed for comfort for all ages and body types. 

Along with the clothes Putré-Fashion carries various other accessories including these sweet pin sets. 

quebec macaron

The Tiki Surfing Monsters, Vintage Cat Toys and Retro Space Cats sets all feature images taken from popular Putré-Fashion skirt designs and are available in the Putré-Fashion Esty shop or at various shows throughout Quebec and Ontario. 

Fashion pins also allow you to have another item to sell to your customers, especially those that are serious fans. This popular pin size is super wearable, perfect for selling as collections and being so light to ship, makes a great item to sell on Etsy.

To learn more about Putré-Fashion, you can visit their online store or follow them on social media!

Online Store:
Etsy Shop: altputrefashion
Facebook: @Putrefashion 

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