Scrapbooking Flair Buttons | Scrapbook Ideas January 30 2020

If you do scrapbooking or are a general crafty person looking for different ways to use your 1" button maker, here are some ideas for how to make your own scrapbook flair buttons. 

flair buttons for scrapbooking

Scrapbook flair buttons are the small, but sweet buttons used in scrapbooking to add some flair, texture to page layouts. Just look up "scrapbook flair buttons" to see exactly what I am talking about. Pinterest is full of examples. 

Flair buttons can be created in many ways, but using buttons made with a button maker - with the tips offered below - offer the best looking flair buttons for your scrapbook.

1. Make Buttons Without the Pin - Flat Back or Medallion Buttons

When trying to place a button in your scrapbook with the pin included, you will find that it won't lay flat. By making the button with a flat back (no pin) you can more easily position your button and it won't lay on an angle. This also allows you to better stick it into the book as you have a flat surface to work with. 

medallion buttons for scrapbooksflat buttons for crafting scrapbooking

You can use a regular flat back buttons or, with the 1" button maker, you have the option of the medallion back button for even more versatility. 

2. What Are Medallion Buttons?

Um, what is a medallion button you ask? Well it is a kind of button that is only available for the 1" button size - which is also the perfect size for scrapbooking flair buttons.

But instead of making buttons with a pinned back or the tin back, a flat plastic back is used. Using the patented third press technique (will explain in the next point) you can make a flatter 1" button that can be easily inserted into a scrapbook and glued onto various surfaces. You still get that desired texture variety, but it is a lot easier to place the button into your layout.

regular pressed buttonflatter pressed button

(Here is cross section of two buttons: regular pressed button (left) and third press button (right). Photo courtesy:

The flatter button will lay nicely in a scrapbook and is a huge improvement to the bubble cap stickers that are sometimes referenced when discussing scrapbooking flair buttons. These rounded (bubble) stickers are supposed to mimic a button, but don't look nearly as good as a real button! You cannot tell us otherwise. ;) 

2. What is the Third Button Press Technique?

This is a special - patented - button press technique that is used with our button makers to make a 1" button flatter than the standard button. 

3. All the Ways to Make Your Flair Buttons

If you see yourself making loads of scrapbooking flair buttons, then investing in a button maker makes the most sense. And if you scrapbook, you are a crafty person who will appreciate all the other things that a button maker can do. This machine makes buttons, magnets, jewelry, keychains, hair ties, shoelace buttons, zipper pulls and more!

If you just want to make a few buttons for your scrapbook, it may make more sense to rent a button maker to either take out of store for a day or two or week or to come into one of our 3 locations to make them here in our maker spaces. 

Another affordable way to get great looking scrapbook flair buttons made is to design to your heart's content and then have us make them! We make custom buttons to order in any quantity. Then you can do the rest to bring your scrapbook vision to life. 

4. Make Scrapbook Flair Buttons to Sell to Other Scrapbookers

If you do end up getting a button maker, you can even start making a variety of scrapbooking flair buttons to sell to other people who scrapbook.

Just think of some ideas that people would use in their scrapbooks and start selling them in your own Etsy store. You can even take custom orders if someone has a really specific request. 

 These flat back buttons can be used to vary and expand your scrapbook layouts and hopefully inspire some new scrapbook ideas! Please remember to share what you create with us on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest or Instagram!