Shaolin Temple Pilots | Custom Band Buttons Toronto November 08 2018

High Park Martial Arts students who train together also ... jam together!

What began as a few people jamming at a Christmas Party a few years ago has now grown into a band named the Shaolin Temple Pilots. The band's members are all members of High Park Martial Arts and describe themselves as "a cover band with a Karate twist!" 


It was a pleasure to make this group's custom 2" band buttons. This button size is a bit larger than the usual band button size (1-inch) for a bigger impact. 

The band now perform at various venues and events in Toronto's Junction neighbourhood and beyond with a typical set consisting of The Clash, The Beatles and The Ramones, or Billy Idol, Billy Joel and Simple Minds, or Garbage, Elastica and Depeche Mode, or The Romantics, The Talking Heads and The Cars. 

Check out their YouTube channel to get a sample of their fun live performance.


The Shaolin Temple Pilots can be hired for events so visit their Facebook page for more information about how to book them.