T150 Hobby Button Maker Appears in Brooklyn 99 Season 2 November 12 2019

Of all the button makers to make it to the small screen, we might not have expected it to be the T150 button maker, but if you go back and watch Season 2 of Brooklyn 99, there it is in the spotlight at the 9:00 mark!

For the record, the T150 does make mirrors. 

The T150 is a hobby button maker that is like the little engine that could. It has been around for years and is a perfect little button maker for a crafter or hobbyist looking to make a few buttons at a time. It is also a more affordable option to get for kids looking to get crafty without breaking the bank getting them a pro-level machine. 

best button maker for kids

And to repeat, you CAN make mirrors with the T150! This is the only machine we will sell that has plastic parts because it works. 

Thinking of a little crafter this coming holiday season? The T150 button maker might be one to try! Each kit comes with the supplies to make 250 buttons. 

Or just use this post as an excuse to binge on B99 one more time. We might just do that so no judgement here! ;)

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