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Great Ideas: Buttons for Your Wedding! March 06 2017

Buttons as Wedding Favours

 Wedding planning season is here! We are always thrilled about the beautiful ideas that come through the shop at this time of year (like these beautiful buttons for the Wedding Co Show)

We always have questions about ideas for buttons as wedding favours but what about gifts for your wedding party too? Custom Bottle Openers and Pocket Mirrors as gifts for the loved ones supporting you on your special day can be personal and perfect!

Button Gifts for Wedding Party Bottle Openers and Pocket Mirrors

Buttons, magnets, mirrors or bottle openers, make excellent wedding favours too! Some of our customers make personalized buttons with the name of each guest! One of our designers made illustrated "Bride" and "Groom" buttons for her wedding!

The possibilities are endless! You can design your own! Or if you have ideas but don't know exactly what you want email us and we can work with you to come up with something special!


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Make Your Own Button Bottle Opener on a 2-1/4" Machine January 31 2017

There are lots of neat things that can be made on a Standard 2-1/4" Round Button Maker.

This How-To Video show you Step-By-Step How to Make Custom Button Bottle Openers on a Standard 2-1/4" Round Hand Press.

The instructions cover all types of bottle openers which include Metal Pocket Bottle Openers, Metal Keyring Bottle Openers, Black Pocket Bottle Openers, Black Keyring Bottle Openers, and Fridge Magnet Bottle Openers. Take a look!



To order parts for Button Bottle Openers, just go to the product page for Parts & Supplies for Standard 2-1/4" Button Makers. Click the dropdown menu entitled "what do you need?" and then pick your parts!

2-1/4" Button Bottle Opener Kits come with everything you need to make bottle openers (mylar, shell, bottle opener back, keyring, etc.) and are available in packs of 100, 500, and 1000 units.

 How to Make Custom Bottle Openers, DIY Bottle Openers, Button Making Parts & Supplies,

We can make your Custom Button Bottle Openers too!

Get in touch with us at (416) 204-1984 or email us at info@peoplepowerpress.org for a quote!



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Legends in Our Own Minds - Tales of a Dragon Boat Team August 28 2013

custom buttons, rectangular buttons
custom bottle opener, bottle opener, dragon boat festival
LEGENDS in Our Own Minds: Dragon Boat Team Custom Buttons and Bottle Openers
LEGENDS in Our Own Minds is a dragon boat team that entered Thunder Bay's very first dragon boat festival in 1999 and have been paddling ever since.  Their team consists of members who want to have fun, sing karaoke and paddle in stroke and they even have a member who for the past ten years has traveled from Ireland to paddle with them.  This year, the LEGENDS came in 2nd place at the Thunder Bay Dragon Boat Festival, which is their best placing to date and pretty impressive for a team that practices "more at the bar than it does on the water". Their next competition will be the Lake Superior Dragon Boat Festival in Superior, Wisconsin, USA on August 23rd.
Sounds like a fun team and hilarious buttons.  Keep having fun guys - I'm sure your bottle openers will come in handy!
Photo of the Legends in Our Own Minds Team!
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Metal and Magnetic Bottle Openers June 20 2013



I just wanted to add that we supply both metal and magnetic bottle openers for 2-1/4" button making machines.  The benefit of using the black plastic bottle opener is that it has a magnet insert which allows you to store it on the fridge or other magnetic surfaces. Both the metal and plastic magnetic bottle openers can accommodate key rings.

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Get Your Bottles Open - Bottle Openers Just in Time For Summer!! June 06 2013



Bottle openers come in handy all year round but a bottle opener attached to your key chain is especially handy during the summertime.  It is simple to design and make your own custom bottle openers using button parts.  Here are a few examples using split rings, keyrings and keychains

  Split Ring Bottle Opener



  Mini Split Ring Bottle Opener




Chain Keychain with Split Ring Bottle Opener



Chain Keychain with Mini Split Ring Bottle Opener



 Pull-Apart Keyring Bottle Opener


Please note that the metal bottle opener button parts (the backs) are only available for 2-1/4" button makers and that the keyrings, keychains and split rings are sold separately and are available for most sized solid metal North American button makers.


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