Show Your Love for Animals with Toronto Animal Save Buttons! December 20 2016


Toronto Pig Save, Cow Save, Chicken Save, Vegan,

Show your love for "The Save Movement" with this colourful collection of Animal Save Buttons!

The Save Movement began in 2010 with Toronto Pig Save. They work to create transparency at Toronto area slaughterhouses, encourage people to protect the environment, support farm sanctuaries, and embrace a vegan lifestyle :)

Toronto Pig Save has now grown to include Toronto Cow Save, and Toronto Chicken Save, as well as other groups around the world.

Toronto PIg Save Buttons, Animal Save, Vegan,


Each button comes on a gorgeous post card with information about The Toronto Animal Save movement. They make for a great keepsake or gift for an animal-loving pal!

Available designs include Toronto Pig Save, Toronto Cow Save, Toronto Chicken Save ($5 each) or collect all 3 for $10! The best part of all is that a portion of each sale goes right to the Toronto Animal Save movement! YAY


Check out these links to find out more info about The Save Movement and how to get involved!

Toronto Pig Save Website:
Toronto Pig Save Facebook: @TorontoPigSave
Toronto Chicken Save Facebook: @TorontoChickenSave
Toronto Cow Save Facebook: @TorontoCowSave
The Save Movement Wesbsite:
Vegan Resources
List of Animal Save Groups