Upcycled Basura Bags Turn Trash into Totes! November 16 2017

Recycling can mean a whole lot more than just using your blue bin, and our Bazura Bag Collection is a testament to the wonders of upcycling!


Why Bazura Bags?

Bazura Bags are made by a Women's Co-operative in the Philippines. All products are made of used juice containers, recycled rice bags and discarded advertising banners!

These upcycled bags not only eliminate the need to use plastic shopping bags, but also make for less trash on the streets. Now THAT'S a win / win situation for sure :)


So Many Styles to Choose From!

Whether you're in need of a shopping bag, lunch bag, pencil case, purse, or even a luggage tag, Bazura has got the pouch for you. Take a peek at some of the different Bazura Bags below!

Don't think that just because we are taking about bags that we forgot about buttons! Each Bazura product comes with a bonus custom made People Power Press button pocket mirror, button bottle opener, button zipper pull, or button keychain.