Very Cool Custom Band Buttons for the Very Cool Vancouver-based Jeremy Tardif Band January 24 2018

We love making band buttons because we get introduced to a variety of great artists from all over the place. 

By way of these cool custom 1.25" round pins, we got to learn about the Jeremy Tardif Band and now we want to share them with you!

vancouver indie band buttons

Jeremy Tardif Band (JTB) is a 3-piece neo classical, progressive, piano rock band.

JTB is now based in Vancouver, British Columbia, after spending some time in Melbourne, Australia. The indie band has an emotional piano driven style. 

When describing the music, Jeremy Tardif says, I believe in emotion. It is my desire that when you listen to my music you will pull something out of the music just for you. You might understand something in the music that even I haven't seen yet! I just want to leave that up to you!"

The band recently released their first official music video for track Small Talk World and often perform live. You can check them out to hear their sounds and follow up on where they are performing next! 

Youtube: Jeremy Tardif Band
Instagram: @jeremytardifband

Got your own band? 

If you are in a band and want to have some band merch at shows for fans, get in touch and let us know! We can help you with some custom band pins using your design or we can come up with something for you. 

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