Youth Resources Niagara | Custom Buttons Niagara October 22 2018

Just being a kid can be hard enough sometimes, but if you are a young person going through the legal system or Family and Children's Services it can be pretty challenging and even isolating if you don't have a support system. 

In Ontario's Niagara region the organization Youth Resources Niagara is focused on helping youth in these situations so they don't have to go through this tough stuff alone.  

custom buttons for community groups

We recently got to make these custom logo pins for YRN to help them promote the work they do in their community. It is the vision of YRN to support and empower youth in Niagara to not only face their challenges, but rise above them to be able to live a life that can be focused on reaching their full potential. 

If you or someone you know could benefit from the services that YRN provides, please don't hesitate to reach out

Where to Find Youth Resources Niagara

Twitter: @YouthResourcesN
Facebook: @YouthResourcesNiagara 
Instagram: @staffyrn

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