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Complete 1-5/8" Round Mr. Button Pinback Button Supplies


Get everything you need to make Mr. Button 1-5/8" pinback buttons with the Mr. Button brand button makers, including Hand Press Machines, Bench Press Machines and 2-Station Rotary Machines.

Complete 1-5/8" Round Mr. Button Pinback Button Supplies packages include:

  • Shells
  • Pinned Backs
  • 3 MIL (Regular) Mylar

NOTE: It is important to order your supplies from this page and no other parts pages, because Mr Button machines require components specifically made for the Mr Button machines.

Available in 5 pack sizes:  25, 100, 500, 1000, and 5000

These parts are compatible with the following Mr. Button Button Makers:

#1001 Starter Kit  
#1101 Starter Kit PLUS
#1401 Bench Kit
#1411 Bench Kit PLUS
#1630 2-Station Rotary Kit

Choose your pack size using the dropdown menu.

Common Uses
Make buttons with your Mr. Button badge maker. This is a non-standard pin-back button size that only will fit in Mr. Button machines. A great size for making fundraising or advertising buttons.

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