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3" Square Standard Button Maker Kit, Graphic Punch, 1000 compl. button parts

The 3" square button maker is a relatively new size from Tecre.  Great if you need something big.  Fridge magnets are excellent!

 What comes in the box.

1           3"   sq    #3030   Tecre Button Maker
1           3"   sq    #S3030 square graphic punch.

Choose Pin-back kit or magnet kit!
500     3"   sq   complete button parts* - everything you need to make 500 3" pinback buttons.
500     3"   sq   complete magnet parts* - everything you need to make 500 3" fridge magnets.
1         3"  sq    Manufacturers Warranty & Instructions



Model #3030 produces standard 3" square or diamond buttons with a variety of options. You can make magnets and keychains simply by assembling a button without a pin and adding the necessary accessories.

The Model 3030 can produce 4 different products!
-Square Pin Back Buttons
-Diamond Pin Back Buttons
-Key Chains
Choice of Pin-back kit or magnet kit!!!!
Used to punch graphics for 3" x 3" square buttons. Final graphic cutting size 3.772" x 3.772".
Features of the Manual Graphic Punches
•All metal construction
•Clear visual centering
•Entire graphic punched at once
•Compact and light weight
•Requires very little physical force to operate

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