Custom Split Ring Style Keychains

1" Link Keychains

Our smallest link style option!

1-1/4" Link Keychains

A nice small size, simple designs with no more than 1-3 words fit best on this size.

1-1/2" Link Keychains

Our biggest option with the black versa back style.

1-3/4" Split Ring Keychains

A great medium size that gives a little more space to your design than our small keychain. Great for showing off art at a portable size!

2-1/4" Split Ring Keychains

The 2-1/4" is a very popular medium sized keychain, with a good balance between having more space for words and artwork, but still being small enough to be easily portable.

2-1/2" Split Ring Keychains

This is a great size for really grabbing attention!

3" Split Ring Keychains

A 3" keychain is a big keychain. Great for photo and gift keychains.



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