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 If you are a blogger or have your own website you can work with People Power Press and earn income and a basis for setting up your own press.  International Applications Welcome!

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The commission rates for our affiliate program vary between 5% and 15% according to the product category.  From time to time we will have special offers and your clients can take full advantage of these.  Your percentage is paid to you after 30 days using PayPal through the Wigify system.  To become an affiliate with People Power Press and earn income with your blog and your website please follow this link to begin the setup process at Wigify. Sign up now and begin earning

Bloggers can earn good $$$ with their blogs!


People Power Press can help you fundraise!! And help your campaign.  Every campaign needs slogans, buttons, ideas and if you use our SEARCH function you can check and see if we have already made buttons relevant to your campaign or issue.  If your organisation signs up as an affiliate for People Power Press we will put our heads together here for button, sticker and slogan ideas that match your campaign and if you meet the criteria you can become a SUPER AFFILIATE with an improved commission rate AND YOUR WEBSITE LOGO on the buttons we create for your campaign.  This can win new supporters for your campaign as well as helping your fundraising over the long term.  Sign up for the affiliate program now and once approved we can discuss slogans, buttons and ideas.


You can sell our buttons in your store.  Checkout our reseller information for stores.

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