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How-To: Design-Your-Own Bridal Shower Buttons September 26 2016

A perfect way to honour guests and attendants on your special day - and keep track of who's-who at a party for newcomers - beautiful Bridal Shower Buttons!

Buttons can be designed to match your wedding or party colours and make a great way to help break the ice!

You can Design Your Own buttons online on the Button Guy's Online Button Designer or using our downloadable templates!

Design-Your-Own Bridal Shower Buttons in Button Designer

Before you start you might want to familiarize yourself with Button Designer by watching this video tutorial - it will guide you through the basics of designing a button and help you with the following steps:


Choose a Pattern to Use for your Wedding Buttons 1. Choose Your Artwork: Find a background and save it to your computer. I chose this one because it has a nice framing element that will showcase the name. A great place for free pattern and backgrounds is Public Domain Pictures
Upload your Image to the Button Guy Online Button Designer 2. Upload Your Artwork: Create a FREE account on the Button Guy Online Button Designer. Choose which size of button you'd like to make and upload your pattern.
Design A Button in the Button Guy Online Button Designer

3. Design Your Button: Choose which lines of text you would like to be visible and pick a font and a font colour. Make sure it stands out against the background.

(Tip: Change the background colour from the default Yellow to a colour that matches your uploaded artwork)

4. Save Your Designs: Once you have finished adding a name click the [Save Button] Button, your design is now saved and you can change the text without uploading the background again.

Repeat these steps until you have all your buttons - you can see them all in "Buttons Overview".

Design-Your-Own Wedding Buttons from People Power Press 5.Your Buttons Are Ready to Make! If you are making your own buttons at home you can follow the steps on Button Designer to print out your own artwork - or you can order custom buttons with your designs from us!


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Sneaker Buttons in Action: Railpath Run September 22 2016

Sneaker Buttons for the Railpath Run from People Power Press


You've read all about our Sneaker Buttons! If you're in Toronto you can see them in action or sport your own this weekend at the 2016 Railpath Run


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Great Ideas: Displays for your Button Business September 19 2016

We get a lot of question from our busy button makers about running your own button business and one of them is about displaying buttons for sale. We have some bright ideas no matter what size, style and type of product you're making!


Button Display Board Ideas on the People Power Press Blog


Bulletin boards are a great way to display buttons because you can stick the pins right in! You can also DIY a bulletin board by covering foam board with fabric or paper, you could even add a fancy frame!

This kind of display works well if you have lots of different designs to choose from!


We found that the best way to display magnets is by having them do what they do best - STICK! Buttons look great displayed on a board - you can even make your own out of a cookie sheet. Since magnets stick to almost anything metal you can get creative - why not display them on a locker door or even a paint can?


Button Display Binder Ideas on the People Power Press Blog

Most Everything:

If you have lots of different designs that you want to categorize, or lots of different types of products that won't all fit on a board - why not display your buttons in a button binder! We've made this one from page protectors designed for business cards which will fit anything up to a 2.5" button. The pockets will fit things that are harder to stick onto a board, like pocket mirrors, keychains, and bottle openers. If you choose a clear type, you'll be able to see easily what the back of each item is like!

This kind of display would be great for conventions too! You can use dividers to section your binder by theme and customers can browse it like a catalogue.

Bowls, Baskets and Bins:

Button Display Ideas on the People Power Press Blog

If you have lots of different designs or items that you want to mix together, don't forget the tried and true basket-o-buttons! Lots of folks like to rummage through a little bowl to pick a favorite design (or two, or three!). Displaying your buttons in a cute container is a perfect solution if you're not very crafty, or ran out of time to come up with a different brilliant idea! Just make sure the pins on your buttons are closed - ouch!

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People Power Award Nominee: Stephen's Backpacks Society September 16 2016

Stephen's Backpacks Society was formed in 2006 in order to answer the vision of six year old Stephen who became aware that there were children living on the street or in shelters. 

With the help of his parents, James McPhee (society president) and Nancy McPhee (director of marketing), Stephen became a voice for children without a home.

Their mission is to rally communities and the children within them to help children in need.

How Does Stephen's Backpacks Society Help with Youth Homelessness?

Stephen's Backpacks society began with one project: filling up backpacks with new clothing, school supplies, and toys around the holiday season to give to children in need. Now, Stephen's Backpacks has many ongoing projects including Footprints, Project Hope, and Educate.

Stephen's Backpacks Society Uses Button for a Great Cause

Through Stephen’s humility, faith, and passion he has inspired thousands of children to Dream Outloud.

The Dream Button was designed to encourage children not only to write down their dreams, but also to proudly share them with others.

What an awesome way to use buttons!

For more information, Check out Stephen's Backpacks Society on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.



The People Power Award is an annual award we will give to a grassroots organization that is working hard to make a difference and is using buttons to spread their message.

Along with a custom six-inch button award, the winner will receive a free order of custom buttons so that they can continue to spread their message! Through our promotion of the award and the recipient's work, we can help create greater awareness for the work they are doing.

Recipients of the award will demonstrate our own values here at People Power Press. We believe in the power of people working to create positive change in the world. Buttons are an effective, fun and low-cost way to share the spirit and message of any organization’s work.







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Shipping Update: Our 1-1/4" Ceramic Magnets are in one of those containers. September 14 2016

Shipping Containers

As button makers we may not have heard of Hanjin. Hanjin is one of the worlds largest container shipping lines. Hanjin has recently declared bankruptcy and its container ships are stuck in ports around the world.

So what has this got to do with me?  Well unfortunately our skids of ceramic magnets are stuck on the ship in Port Rupert!  They will not be unloaded because the shipping company owes the Port money for docking fees.

Articles yesterday in the media say new money for Hanjin has been made available so cargo will be moving again soon. But they cannot say when and nor can we.

This is a good example of how everything is interconnected in our world today.  A Bankruptcy in Korea means the event in Jasper does not have magnets. For our customers please contact us directly and we can find a substitution or a solution. Hopefully the cargo may be flowing in a couple of weeks but it may take longer.

CBC News Article

Globe and Mail Article

Ingenious Containers

Port Rupert Container Terminal

Port Rupert Container Terminal - BC


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Cool for School (And Lots More!): Zipper Pulls from People Power Press September 13 2016

Versaback Zipper Pulls from People Power Press


Want to teach your button machine something versatile? Try Versaback Zipper Pulls! Zipper pulls are perfect for backpacks, pencil cases, suitcases and gym bags! But they don't just pull zippers! They also make great keychains, ID tags, decorations, luggage tags, and even gift tags!

Custom and DIY Zipper Pulls from People Power Press

Zipper pulls work best with Versaback inserts which are compatible with standard 1", 1.25" and 1.5" parts for Tecre and Flex machines. If you're already rocking Versabacks in your machine you can find "Just the Pulls" here.

Custom and DIY Zipper Pulls from People Power Press
Custom and DIY Zipper Pulls from People Power Press


Ready to try making your own? Check out our Video Tutorial:



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People Power Award Nominee: McKie Rich Productions September 07 2016


McKie Richards-Johnson is the talented individual behind McKie Rich Productions.

Originally from Toronto, McKie has strong roots in the Caribbean & Africa. Over the past 15 years she has worked on graphic design projects overseas and in the GTA.

McKie was always encouraged to be involved in the arts and was originally involved in dance and graphic design. She studied Broadcasting and Film at Centennial College and now works as a freelance producer, writer, director, and designer.

Now McKie Rich Productions is headed in a new direction; film & music video.

McKie Rich Productions has worked on a number of short films including "Laughing Through Tears" which was featured in the Africa Diaspora International Film Festival in 2011. The film's trailer can be seen below!



Their most current project, a short film entitled "More Than Just...", has just finished filming this past June 2016. We are so excited for the future of this awesome organization :) Click on the image below to see some great pictured from behind-the-scenes of this independent film.

More than Just, McKie Richards-Johnson, McKie Rich Productions, Independant Film,


You can learn more about McKie Rich Productions on their website. Also check out photos and videos by McKie Rich Productions on YouTube, and Instagram!

 All images and videos in this blog post are from www.mckierich.com



The People Power Award is an annual award we will give to a grassroots organization that is working hard to make a difference and is using buttons to spread their message.

Along with a custom six-inch button award, the winner will receive a free order of custom buttons so that they can continue to spread their message! Through our promotion of the award and the recipient's work, we can help create greater awareness for the work they are doing.

Recipients of the award will demonstrate our own values here at People Power Press. We believe in the power of people working to create positive change in the world. Buttons are an effective, fun and low-cost way to share the spirit and message of any organization’s work.







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Labour Day - Retro Union Buttons September 01 2016

Just in time for labour day - we found these cool retro union buttons from our endless vintage button stash! We've made lots of buttons for unions over the year like these ones for the Canadian Union of Public Employees.

Want to order buttons for your Union, Fundraiser or Cause? Check out our Custom Button options!

Retro Union Buttons Custom Buttons from People Power Press

Retro Union Buttons Custom Buttons from People Power Press

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Buttons for Bands and Stickers Too! Button and Label Combos from People Power Press August 25 2016

Button and Sticker Combos from People Power Press

What's that!? You can now order custom printed stickers to match your buttons! Check out this slick combo for Toronto-based band NLP!

Would your button order look awesome on a sticker too? You can add stickers to any custom button order. What a great way to promote your band or business!


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Go Back to School with Button Maker School Kits! August 18 2016

Heading back to school can be extra fun this year with the Button Maker School Kit!

Available in both 1-1/2" and 2-1/4", the Button Maker School Kit is designed specifically for schools with both the students AND teachers in mind.

Button Maker School Kit, Standard Hand Press, Standard button making parts and supplies, Back to School,


The 1-1/2" School Kit is a great size for crafts and displaying hand made art in a small form. The buttons are a great size for name tags on backpacks and lunch bags!

  • Tecre Model #150 hand press.
  • Everything you need to make 500 x 1-1/2" pin-back buttons (shells, mylar, and pinned backs). You can order more 1-1/2" Button Supplies when you run out. 
  • Pre-Made Art Book with 500+ school themed designs in full colour and black-and-white (for colouring). You can also photocopy the pages to make as many buttons as you like!
  • 1000 x 1-1/2" Blank Pre-Cut Circles for kids to draw their own designs at school functions, fairs, workshops, art class, etc.
  • Manufacturer's Lifetime Warranty & Instructions


The 2-1/4" School Kit is perfect for younger kids and displaying hand made art because there's more room to draw :)

  • Tecre Model #225 hand press.
  • Everything you need to make 500 x 2.25" pin-back buttons (shells, mylar, and pinned backs). You can order more 2-1/4" Button Supplies when you run out. 
  • Pre-Made Art Book with 500+ school themed designs in full colour and black-and-white (for colouring). You can photocopy the pages to make as many buttons as you like!
  • 1000 x 2.25" Blank Pre-Cut Circles for kids to draw their own designs at school functions, fairs, workshops, art class, etc.
  • Manufacturer's Lifetime Warranty & Instructions


If you're interested in a Button Maker School Kit but have never name a button before, that is A-OK! This How-To Video from The Button Guy YouTube Channel shows every step of the button making process!



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    Which Design Service Do I Need for my Custom Button Order? August 16 2016

    We offer a variety of design options for all of our custom buttons and other fun custom products. It can be a bit tough to know exactly which service you need, so we thought we'd help you out with this handy dandy Design Service Selector :)

    Just answer the questions below and follow the arrows to see whether Self Serve, Simple Set-Up, Simple Design, or Full Service is the way to go!


    Button Design, Custom Buttons, People Power Press, Pinback Buttons,


    If you'd like to learn more about what each design service has to offer, check out our Artwork & Design Services Page.

    Templates of all shapes and sizes can be found here and are available as PSD, AI, and PDF files. If you're selecting the Self Serve option, the artwork needs to be set up on a People Power Press Template.


    If you don't have access to design software you can use the free Button Designer website to design your artwork, or just set up the artwork on a template. Once your artwork is all set up in Button Designer, please send an email to info@peoplepowerpress.org with your Button Designer user name as well as the name of the file you would like us to use. We DO NOT need the password to your account.

    Take a peek at our Button Designer blog post for more information!



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    Think Outside the Circle: How to Make Oval Pinback Buttons August 15 2016

    Do you ever find yourself in a circle button rut? Or maybe you have a gorgeous image that doesn't quite fit properly on a round template.

    Think outside the circle and try making some oval buttons!

    Check out this fantastic How-To Video below to see how they're made from start to finish!




    Oval buttons are made on the Model #1727 Oval Hand press and the final pressed pinback buttons measure 1-3/4" X 2-3/4". All of the oval button parts can be found here.


    If you're not looking to get your own Oval Hand Press, worry not! You can rent one for use in store, or to take home with you.


    If you'd like to order Custom Made Oval Buttons, you can do that too!




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    Throwback Thursday - Retro Canadian National Expo Button August 11 2016

    Over the years we've amassed a bit of a button "vault" with some cool and funky retro designs and even some timeless classics. We unearthed this retro Canadian National Exhibition button just in time for this year's CNE which starts next week.
    It's probably easier to sport a cool button then wear the whole EX as a hat!
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    Gift Idea: BijouClic Magnetic Button Necklaces and Charm Collections August 09 2016


    Introducing BijouClic Button Jewelry! The perfect statement piece for anyone who loves buttons, or funky necklaces.


    What makes BijouClic Jewelry unique is in the magnetic pendant which holds the button charms in place. The magnet is strong enough to ensure sure your charm stays in place but also makes it easy to swap out the charms whenever the mood strikes!

    BijouClic Charm Collections

    BijouClic charms are made with standard 1" button parts. The charms are available in pre-made 5-charm collections, or you can mix + match your favourites and create a collection just for you!

    Make Your Own Charms!

    If you're a Do-It-Yourself-er, you can create your own charms too! No fancy parts are needed, just your 1" hand press, standard 1" shells, collets, and mylar, and little bit of creativity :)

    Give the Gift of BijouClic

    BijouClic Jewelry also makes a great gift for any occasion! With endless charm possibilities you really can't go wrong! BijouClics for everyone!!



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    Shoelace Buttons: Do-It-Yourself or Custom Made Just for You! August 02 2016

    What's your favorite pair of shoes?

    Whether it's a crisp new pair of summer sneakers, or that trusty pair that have been through thick and thin (and a puddle or two...), it's nice to show your shoes that they're appreciated.

    The best way to say "thanks shoes," is to make them a button of their very own!

    Shoe Lace Buttons, Standard Button Making Parts and Supplies,


    These snazzy DIY Shoelace Buttons are sure to put a spring in your step :)

    If you want to try your hand at this great DIY project, take a peek at the How-To Video below courtesy of The Button Guy!



    The Shoelace Buttons come in a ton of different sizes and all of the parts you need to make your own can be found on our website!


      "Flat" Sneaker Buttons have a smooth, flat back from which the "shoelace clip" protrudes. These are great if you and your buttons like to let loose and dangle and jangle about.

      "Indented" Sneaker Buttons have a recessed back, so the clip sits deep into the button. This, in turn, pulls your shoelace tighter and keeps the button nice and snug. These are great if you and your buttons like a nice, orderly, approach to self expression.


      If you like these Shoelace Buttons but DIY isn't really your thing, Custom Shoe Lace Buttons are available too! Just send us an image, or have our design team create something awesome just for you!



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      Keychains 101 - Part 2: Types of Keychains July 22 2016


      In Keychains 101 - Part 1, we talked about the difference between versa back and slot back keychains. Now we're ready for the fun stuff!

      Kaychains, Keychain Parts, Standard Button Making Parts and Supplies, Button Keychains,

      We carry 8 different types of keychain closures, all of which are in the image above.

      The Mini Split-Ring Keychain can be used with a Jump Ring, or a Plastic Tab. They are available for keychains made with 1", 1-1/4" and 1-1/2" button parts. It's basically just a wee little version of the standard Split-Ring Keychain.

      The Split-Ring Keychain is super versatile and can be used with any size button keychain. The smaller button sizes often use a Mini-Split Ring because it's more proportional to the smaller button parts. Button Keychains that are 1-3/4", 2-1/4", 2-1/2", 3" and 3-1/2" in size use the Split-Ring along with a Tab and Slot Back.

      The Zipper Pull is meant to be worn on a zipper, but can be used like a keychain, too. Zipper Pulls are most often used with a 1", 1-1/4" or 1-1/2" button and versa back.

      The Loop Keychain is one of the fancier styles, but it's also really practical. Available for 1", 1-1/4", and 1-1/2" buttons, the Loop can be used with just a Versa Back (pictured above), or with a jump ring.

      The Pull-Apart Keychain is unique because the part that attaches to the keys can be removed from the rest of the keychain with nothing more than a click :) Contact us at info@peoplepowerpress.org or give us a call at 1-866-996-1984 for details.

      The C-Hook Keychain has a carabiner style closure, is super secure, and is another keychain style that allows you to add and remove your keys with ease. Available for 1", 1-1/4" and 1-1/2" button keychains.

      The Snap Hook Keychain closes with a hinged snap hook (sort of like those airtight swing top jars). This type of keychian is available for 1", 1-1/4", and 1-1/2" buttons and is used with a versa back. The Snap Hook is also compatible with 2" round buttons, as well as 2-1/2" X 3-1/2" rectangular buttons when used with Welded Up Eyes.

      The Snake Keychain is essentially the same as a Snap Hook Keychain, but for use with larger buttons ranging in size from 1-3/4", 2-1/4", 2-1/2", 3", and 3-1/2". The Snake keychian is attached to a Slotted Back with a "Tab".

      Last, but certainly not least, is The Link Keychain. This style has a really classic keychain look, and is comprised of a Split Ring on the end of a metal chain. For button keychains 1", 1-1/4", and 1-1/2" in size, the Link Keychain can be attached to a versa back with a jump ring. If you're using button parts 1-3/4", 2-1/4", 2-1/2", 3", or 3-1/2" in size, it attaches to a slot back via a Tab.


      Hope that this post about the types of keychains that we offer was helpful :)

      If you have any questions about the products you read about here or any products available on peoplepowerpress.org, feel free to give us a call at 1 (866) 996-1984 or email us at info@peoplepowerpress.org

      If How-To Videos are more your style, you can find lots on The Button Guy YouTube Channel!



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      It's Our Storefront's 1st Birthday! July 19 2016

      People Power Press Pink Building Button 3095 Dundas West Toronto

      We are celebrating the 1 Year Anniversary of opening the front part of our shop in the cheery pink building at 3095 Dundas St. West! It's been a great year full of fun new products, parties and events, and of course Make-A-Button!

      People Power Press Storefront at 3095 Dundas Street West

      Recently one of our awesome neighbours dropped off an article written by Claude McGilvray whose father, Watson McGilvray built the building that is now our happy home. He was a Tinsmith and started a tin shop in the basement and eventually opened a hardware store on the main floor.

      Wait a second, Buttons are made of tin! We can't help but feel like we are carrying on a bit of a tradition!

      This is Claude and his dad "Watt" McGilvray in front of their shop at 3095 Dundas West c. 1920:

      Claude and Watt McGilvray in front of their business at 3095 Dundas St. W in 1920



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      Adorable Magnets by Light Graph Jr. July 11 2016

      These custom 1-1/2" magnets are enough to make anyone smile!

      Light Graph Photography is a Photography Studio owned by Pamela Kelly who specializes in dance, newborn, maternity, and lifestyle photography. On top of that, Light Graph is also home to a hidden gem.


      1-1/2" Magnets, Custom Magnets, Light Graph, Pamela Kelly, Light Graph Jr.

      Light Graph Jr. is made up of artwork masterfully crated by Pamela Kelly's children. Currently carrying a line of totally adorable greeting cards, Light Graph Jr. has officially expanded into the magnet market!

       Custom 1-1/2" Magnets, Custom Magnets by People Power Press, Light Graph, Pamela Kelly, Light Graph Jr.

      Whether you're in need of a photo session, or some robot magnets, you can check out everything Pamela Kelly's up to on Facebook, Instagram, and on the Light Graph and Light Graph Jr. Website. 


      If you have a little artist of your own, you can drop by the shop and Make-A-Button with us!



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      Get Patio-Ready with DIY and Custom Coasters July 07 2016

      Custom and DIY coasters from People Power Press

      Summer is here! And for us, that means sitting in the backyard and enjoying some sunshine with a lemonade in hand.

      You can get patio-perfect too with some summer button coasters! All you need are the parts, a press and coaster die insert (also available with in-store rentals!) and a little bit of creativity to make the perfect summer craft!

      This How-To video will guide you on your coaster-making journey:




      DIY and Custom coasters are the perfect thing for guests to take home at weddings or family reunions. A set of coasters would make an amazing gift for a special occasion or housewarming! We even have customers who have small businesses selling the coasters they make at craft shows and markets!

      If you make some coasters, buttons, or magnets that you think the world should see, post a picture on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram and tag us :) We love to show off the creations of our fellow buttoneers!

      You can order custom coasters here!

      Or supplies to make your own  with your 3.5" Button Machine

      to make coasters with your 3.5" button machine you will also need a Coaster Die Insert.



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      Literary Press Group: "All Lit Up" for Independent Canadian Publishers June 29 2016

      If you love reading, these buttons are going to get you a bit excited!

      These custom 2" pinback buttons were made for the Literary Press Group's online platform (and not-for-profit membership association) called All Lit Up.

      Custom 2" Pinback Buttons, All Lit Up, Literary Press Groupm Independent Canadian publishers, People Power Press, Custom Buttons,

      About the Literary Press Group

      The Literary Press Group is a collective of 60 independent literary publishing houses all of whom publish works of fiction, poetry, drama, and literary criticism.

      Since 1975, the Literary Press Group and its members have worked to support each other, support other Canadian writers, and champion the value of the literary arts scene in Canada.
      Find out more about the Literary Press Group on Twitter, Facebook, and their website!

      About All Lit Up

      All Lit Up is an online platform for discovering and purchasing Canadian literature. published by participating members of the Literary Press Group.

      All Lit Up has featured insightful, original, and fun content in addition to recommendations, find-­a-­book, and customized book lists. The site ensures that literature produced by Canadian independent publishers is available to every Canadian.

      Check out their website, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest!

      Explore their Books and Merch

      Head over to their website and take a look at the other merch All Lit Up has to offer! If you want to add some more titles to your summer reading list, use their Find a Book search tool to add some Canadian titles to your shelf!



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      Introducing Make-A-Button at People Power Press June 27 2016

      We've been working hard at turning our storefront into the best Maker Space it can be! Some of our favourite new additions to the shop is our Button Bar and Make-A-Button Punch Cards!

      Now whether you want to Make-A-Button or rent a machine in-store, there is a great place for you to work on your button creations. Don't worry, the kids table is still around for all of our young button enthusiasts too!

      Not sure how the whole Make-A-Button thing works? That's A-Okay! Sit back, relax, and enjoy the video: Introducing Make-A-Button at People Power Press :)




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      Customer Profile on Flake: DIY Fabric Buttons and Magnets June 21 2016

      We get a lot of inquiries about making buttons using fabric instead of paper. It's totally possible, super easy, and a great way to use up fabric scraps you have kicking around!

      These is a past post on our button blog that has step by step instructions as well as tips on making your own fabric buttons. That blog post can be found through this link.

      Flake Accessories by Jessica Epstein

      Jessica Epstein, the super talented individual behind "Flake" uses pre-loved textiles to create custom magnets, buttons, and other accessories that are adorable AND sustainable :) Just take a look at these 1" magnets! SO COOL!

      magnets like these can be made with 1" peel n' stick magnet parts. Instead of using artwork printed on paper, and finished with a sheet of mylar, BOTH are replace with a single piece of scrap fabric. Some fabrics work better than others. Find out the best fabric to use here!

      Jessica also creates accessories like mittens and toques out of pre-loved fabric. The accessories below are made from old sweaters and polar fleece! She also gave the 1" lockpin button the royal treatment and elevated them into gorgeous accessories of their own!

      These buttons are fully functional and can be worn on their own OR placed on a hand made one of a kind toque! These 1" fabric buttons by Flake are a great example of how far creativity can take you.

      Thank you for sharing your wonderful (and successful) experiment with us Jessica!

      Take a peek at all the great stuff Flake has to offer :) If you've taken a chance with a button making experiment and created something AWESOME we would love to see it! Get in touch with us at info@peoplepowerpress.org or tag us on social media (links below).




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      Custom Buttons for Fruit Loop June 14 2016

      Fruit Loop is an Edmonton based grassroots collective of creative individuals who all donate their talents, resources, and energy to give something back to the community.

      Founded in April 2013, Fruit Loop is designed to be more than just a typical night at the gay bar. They host local LGBTQ+ groups and businesses at each event to help raise funds and awareness and in turn, build the community one party at a time!

      Since the creation of the organization in 2013, Fruit Loop has held over 23 events, and raised over $100,000 for the local LGBTQ+ community. Now THAT'S how you make a difference in the world!

      Fruit Loop's custom round 1-1/4" matte finish buttons are fun, colourful, and were handed out at Edmonton Pride :) Were you one of the lucky folks who managed to get one of these awesome custom pinback buttons?

      Fruit Loop isn't affiliated with any one organization, business, or venue, and they encourage you to do your part by showing up and sharing the news about Fruit Loop : )

      If you want to see what Fruit Loop is all about, check them out on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram!


      Happy Pride Month Folks!



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      Keychains 101 - Part 1: Slot Back and Versa Back Keychains June 09 2016


      Many different sizes of ROUND buttons can be made into keychains. All that you need to make them are the right parts!

      All keychians use the exact same shell and mylar that are used to make pinback buttons. The only difference is the keychain backing, and keychian closure itself.

      That means that any of you out there with a Standard Hand Press, Flex1000, Flex2000, and even a Flex3000 machine are able to make keychains! You'll be good to go as long as your hand press makes standard ROUND buttons in one of the following sizes: 1", 1-1/2", 1-3/4", 2-1/4", 2-1/2", or 3".


      Keychains, Button Keychains, Keychains 101

      The type of keychain backings available are based on the size of button your hand press makes.

      1", 1-1/4", and 1-1/2" Keychains have something called a "versa back" which is a plastic backing that snaps into a collet.

      The versa back can be used with either a jump ring (which is compatible with all keychain styles), or a plastic tab (which can be used with a split ring keychain only).

      All of the keychain parts can be seen in the above image!


      Below is an instructional video that walks you through all the steps of making a versa back keychain.

      The other type of keychain backing is a slot back. Keychains ranging in size from 1-1/2", 1-3/4", 2-1/4", 2-1/2", and 3".


      Here is another awesome How-To Video video! This one shows you how to make a Slot Back Keychain :)

      Now that you're a pro at keychain backings, stay tuned for Keychain 101 - Part 2: Keychain Styles!




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