The Button Makers Guide. May 29 2011 2 Comments

My personal button making guide.  A little help for people thinking about getting a button maker or those just sniffing around wanting to know a little more.

I just finished the guide and I will clearly have to keep working on it but I hope it helps people interested in getting started.  I'm hoping questions I get on this blog will help me tailor it to the needs of those looking around.  I bought my first button maker maybe almost 10 years ago.  It's a 1" It still works and it has probably clocked up 100,000 buttons.  I now have 30 or so machines from starter kits to professional electronic button makers.  I think I really have tried them all.

Tecre 1" button Maker Kit with Graphic Punch.   If you haven't seen the
"Button Makers Guide" check it out here.

   If you've got questions you can always ask the Button Guy   Ask the Button Guy - He's the expert button maker  He's the expert!