Cut button making time in half with a graphic punch. July 04 2013

graphic punch

Button Making: Tecre Graphic Punches

Is it time to invest in a graphic punch for button making - we think so (it will cut your time in half). Graphic punches are used to cut out graphics, paper or photos for button making and are a faster method than traditional "adjustable cutters", scissors or quick cutters.  Tecre graphic punches are of all metal construction, have clear and easy visual centering, are compact and light-weight and require very little force to operate.  And an added bonus is that these graphic punches come with a manufacturer's life-time warranty and are useful for all sorts of fine-art related projects.


Cutting Paper Circles and Blank Paper:

cutting paper circles


 Cutting Custom Button Artwork:

 cutting button artwork


Cutting Magazine Images to make Buttons:

magazine image buttons


Cutting Patterned Paper to make Buttons:

patterned paper buttons

Remember to cut your paper, photos, magazine images or custom button artwork into strips so that they fit to the graphic punch. We carry graphic punches for all sizes of button making.   For a complete list and pricing click here.  Happy Button Making!

paper circle cutting