General Questions

What size of buttons/button maker should I get? What is the most popular size?

Well, that all depends on what you're using them for and what you want to put on them! :)

There are many sizes and various shapes for buttons. Round are the most popular and cost effective, but oval, rectangular, square, diamond, or oblong may be more useful for your specific purposes. For example, rectangle shapes are much better as fridge magnets than buttons (pointy corners aren’t always the most comfortable to wear) and Oval and Oblong buttons make really nice nametags.

For “Fashionable” Purposes: We recommend small sizes (7/8”, 1”, 1-1/4”), if you want people to wear your buttons often and all year round. Because of their size, they can attach to anything (hats, coats, bags, etc.) and not interfere with the functionality of the item they are attached to. They can also be worn in collections, because they fit so nicely together in a small amount of space.

1” is especially popular for band and music related buttons, and 1-1/4” is great for marketing and promotional giveaways.

For “Campaigns and Event” Purposes: Big buttons (2-1/4”, 2-1/2”, 3”, etc.) are ideal for making a statement! Our most popular size is 2-1/4”, which is common for political elections, kids’ parties, photo booths, and family reunions.

For “Collecting” Purposes: You might not wear these every day, but they also don’t need to take up a lot of room in your keepsakes box. Mid-size buttons (1-1/2”, 1-3/4”, 2”) are a great, happy medium, with more room for words than a smaller button and less demand for attention than a big button.

For more details about the different sizes and shapes see read here.

Comparison Chart Based on What You’re Using Buttons For….

Purpose Best Size(s) Typical Market
Bands & Fine Artists Fashion: 7/8”, 1”, or 1-1/4”
*custom packaging is popular with these sizes and this purpose.
Teens, Young Adults, Adults
Promotional Give-A-Ways Fashion: 1”, or 1-1/4” The smaller the button, the lower the giveaway cost and the more likely it is to be worn all year round.


Kids, Teens, Young Adults
Family & Class Reunions Big: 2-1/4”


Collector: 1-1/2”, 1-3/4”, or 2”
One Day Use for silly fun/to catch attention. All Ages.


One Day Use for subtle fun. All Ages.
Name Tags Big: 2-1/4” (with logos)
Collector: 1-3/4” (name only)


Oval: 1-3/4”x2-3/4”
Oblong: 1-3/4”x2-3/4”
Kids Camps, General Purpose, Social Gatherings Conferences,


Professional Events, Upscale Businesses
Schools: Elementary/Primary Big: 2-1/4” Kids, Teachers
Schools: High/Secondary or University Fashion: 1”, 1-1/4


Big: 2-1/4”


Collector: 1-1/5”
Teens (clubs and everyday wear)


Teens (art class projects & class president elections)


Teens (middle of the road compromise. Small enough for the backpack, big enough to draw on)
Campaigns Big: 2-1/4”, 2-1/2”, 3” Politics & Elections, Unions &Strikes, Activism, Sales Staff Uniforms (“ask me” and special offers buttons)
Corporate Marketing/Branding Fashion: 1”, or 1-1/4” Collector: 1-1/2” Teens, Young Adults, Adults Employee Nametags


Comparison Chart Based on What You’re Putting On Your Button….

Content Best Size(s)
Just a Picture Any Size
1 or 2 Words Any Size
3 to 5 Words Fashion: 1-1/4” or bigger (depending on purpose)
Many Words Collector: 1-3/4” or bigger (depending on how many words and your purpose)
A Picture with 1 or 2 Words No smaller than 1”
A Picture with 3 – 5 Words No smaller than 1-1/2”
A Picture with Many Words No smaller than 2-1/4”
A Logo with a Website along the top or bottom No smaller than 1-1/4”
A Logo with a Website along the outside edge Any Size
What if the item I want isn’t listed on the website?

We try our very best to keep the website updated with all of the items we sell in standard order amounts, but if you don’t see something you are looking for, please contact us and we will help you out!

Also, we really enjoy coming up with new ways to make and use button related products, so if you’ve got a vision in your head, let us know! We’ve helped many people materialize their button ideas with some creative thinking and experimentation : )

What if the quantity I want isn’t listed on the website?

No problem! We can create a special order for you for special quantities or items that aren’t listed online.

I work for a non-profit organization/charity/school. Can I get a discount?

We sell button makers, supplies and buttons to many schools, libraries and not-for-profit groups. Because of this we try to price our products as low as we can while still being able to operate as a sustainable business. We have low base prices, but then provide additional volume discounts when purchasing larger quantities, so everyone can benefit all year round :)

To give back in a more meaningful way, we have also launched a program called the People Power Award that recognizes, annually, the effort of one not-for-profit or grassroots organization with one large prize of button related products specific to their campaign needs. Our first winner was just announced, but you can always submit your organization to be recognized for next year's award. You can find the submission form here.

If you need a way to economize right now, we have a creative team of strategists who can come up with ideas to maximize your button budget. Just give us a call or send an email.

Lastly, if you’re looking for reduced prices on machines, once in a blue moon we will sell our rental machines at discounted rates when we refresh our stock. If you’d like to know when those sales are happening, please sign up for our quarterly newsletter at the bottom of this page.

My button maker is jammed/broken! How do I fix it? Do you fix machines?

WAIT! Put that screwdriver down! :)

Before you try dismantling your button maker (highly unrecommended), please watch our series of videos online to help you troubleshoot jams and regularly maintain your machine (to keep it in top working condition and prevent jams).

If you have tried the strategies in our videos and still cannot fix your machine, we may be able to walk you through a solution on the phone or over Skype. Worst case scenario, you can request a repair by calling our customer service direct line for 1-416-204-1984. For more information about our repairs and maintenance service and rates click here.

How do I know what size parts I need for my button maker?

If you have a Tecre model (black body with a red handle), there should be a sticker on the side with a model number. That model number corresponds to the size without the decimal point.

For example, a model #100 makes 1.00” Buttons. If you have a T150 (grey plastic body with a black handle), it makes 2.25” buttons only, but requires special mylar, so make sure you order parts from the T150 Button Parts page.

If you have any other type of machine, email us a picture of the machine (and a button it made, if you can) and we’ll see if we can sleuth it out for you here.

I ordered the wrong size parts. What do I do?

Oops! Don’t worry, it’s an easy mistake to make. You can request a return or exchange within 14 days of receipt of your item by filling out the form found here. You will get an RA# that will allow you to return the item to us. Once those parts have been returned, we will send you the parts you need.

If you need to start making buttons right away, you can place a new order for the correct size parts and we will ship them to you ASAP. We will refund you for the cost of the incorrectly ordered parts as soon as they have been returned.

What is your return policy?

Buy from People Power Press with complete confidence. We love satisfied customers but if you are disappointed or do not get what you expect you may return items for refund or exchange within 14 days of receipt. If you are not 100% satisfied with our product please contact our Customer Service Line for help and advice on returning goods.

This does not apply to custom made goods. Our custom made goods using your designs are made to the highest standards. In the unlikely event of a slip in our high standards we will replace any item that is not correctly made. We cannot be responsible for your own artwork.

To expedite returns and speed up the process we have introduced a simple return process. Complete the form here!

Do you sell used button makers?

We do not regularly sell used button machines, but from time to time we have some available for sale. These machines usually come from our stock of rental machines when we are looking refresh our rental inventory. If you are interested in purchasing a used machine, please contact us at info@peoplepowerpress.org to see if we have any for sale or to be notified when we do.

Can I place an order using a Purchase Order?

We accept official purchase orders from schools and other government organizations at our discretion. Your goods will not be shipped until we have received and verified the purchase order. Purchase orders may be emailed to info@peoplepowerpress.org.

To get you set up in our system – your first order using a PO – we will need you to send us your official PO and payment before shipping your order. Once the cheque has cleared, we will send your order. Once you're in the system with a successful PO transaction (meaning, we've received payment), we'll be able to ship future orders with only the PO.

Alternatively, if you need to receive your order quickly, you can use a credit card and then send a PO. When we get the cheque, we'll refund your credit card.

If you cannot provide an official purchase order you can always pay for your order using the other payment methods we have available including credit card, email money transfer and PayPal. (Cash and debit are also accepted in store.)

Can I rent a button machine instead of buying one?

Yes, you can rent a machine instead of buying one!

We have a full stock of Tecre button presses and punches in various sizes and shapes for rental. Our rental prices include hourly, daily, weekly and monthly rates. Rental fees cover the cost of renting the machine, but you will be responsible for purchasing the supplies that you will use with the machine to make buttons. We can also print and cut out your artwork to save you time!

Rental services are currently only available from our Canadian site. Find out more about our rental process here. You can also contact us and we can make sure you get the machines and supplies you need.

Can I pay for my order by cheque?

Paying by cheque is not a problem, but you will have to wait longer to receive your order because no products leave the shop until payment has cleared (this could take up to 5 business days after the cheque is received). This is particularly important for custom orders, as production does not begin until payment has cleared.

Depending on your deadline, this may not be a concern. If you need your order fast, however, you might want to pay by credit card to get things started. Then, when the cheque clears, we will refund your credit card.

Shipping Questions

When will my order arrive?

Delivery time depends on your location and what shipping method you choose, but usually ranges from 5 to 10 business days within Canada.

What delivery services are available?

Our preferred method of service is FedEx Ground and Canada Post, but we also offer faster shipping services such as Fed Ex Priority and UPS Express.

When will my order ship?

Most orders ship out within 24 - 72 hours if all items are in stock. If you have ordered something that is not currently available, a follow-up email/phone call will be made to notify you with an updated delivery time.

How do I track my package?

Once your package has been shipped, you will receive a conformation email with your tracking number. Tracking numbers can be entered into the carriers websites if the link provided doesn’t work.

How much will the shipping for my order be?

Shipping costs are determined by the address your order is being shipped to and how much your order weighs.

You can figure out what shipping would be by adding the items you would like to order to the shopping cart. Select “Checkout” to insert your shipping address and then select “Continue to next step” to be taken to the payment page. You do not have to enter any payment information, but under the heading Shipping Method you will see a dropdown menu of all available shipping options with shipping times and costs included. We ship using a number of couriers so you can choose your preferred shipping option.



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