Anti-Bullying Awareness Week Buttons and Stickers for Schools | Custom Buttons November 02 2018

Students have been back in class for almost two months now. Routines have been established and things probably feel a lot less new now. 

Along with the homework and tests and routines comes another reality of school life: bullyingbullying awareness week 2018

Kids can be mean. But every November students, schools and communities come together to increase bullying awareness and also agency in the face of bullying.

This year's theme is #ChooseKind, inspired by R. J. Palacio’s book “Wonder"

How to Use Button Making for Bullying Awareness Activities in Schools

Button making can play a part in bullying awareness efforts and already does for many of our schools who have button makers.

Based on discussions in class and ideas presented around the topic of bullying , kids can then get to work to create art and messages for their buttons.

Younger children can colour in anti-bullying designs you have already printed while older children can come up with their own images.

You can have kids create buttons that follow the theme of #choosekind or give them other prompts as needed.  

If your school doesn't yet have a button maker, consider getting one of our two most popular Button Making School Kits

2-1/4" Button Maker School Kit - this typical campaign button size is a larger size that is great for younger ages and events for all ages.

1-1/2" Button Maker School Kit - a smaller wearable button size suited for older students, especially high school students and digital designs.

If you do have a button maker, be sure you have enough supplies to fuel your all your button making!


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Pre-Made or Custom Anti-Bullying Buttons and Stickers

We have also developed our own collection of anti-bullying buttons and stickers. Any or all of these designs can be purchased for schools to hand out to staff and students to wear from Nov. 18 - 24 and beyond.

Everyone wearing their pin is a great show of solidarity against bullying and help keep the conversations about bullying and being kind on everyone's mind

You can also make your own anti-bullying design for us to make into buttons for your students. Add your school or school board logo too! You could even hold a contest among students with the winning designs being used for the final button design. 

Stickers are also available as an alternative to pins. These can be added to planners or stuck on sweaters instead of a button with a sharp pin. 

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Share Your Anti-Bullying Button Designs with Us On Social Media!

We want to know how YOU are marking Bullying Awareness Week this year!

Please be sure to tag us in your posts so we can see your designs. We can even feature your great work online throughout the week. Also be sure to use #BAW2018 to be part of the larger conversation online during this week!