2-1/4" Button Maker School Kit includes FREE School Artwork & Design Book

A kit designed for schools with more than 500 designs helpful to educators with button designs relevant to bullying, school election buttons and a variety of issues relevant for schools. See below.

The 2-1/4" is probably the most popular button size for general use. A good standard size election button.  Great for kids to "draw their own" and used frequently for button making workshops and at events.  The 2-1/4" has the largest selection of stuff you can produce with your machine, including and exclusively bottle openers and as well as mirrors key-chains and magnets,  The 2-1/4" is the largest button in the smallest price bracket meaning maximum bang for your buck! 

Available button parts 

What comes in the box.

1        2-1/4"      #225     Tecre Button Maker
500    2-1/4"      complete button parts - everything you need to make 500 2-1/4" pin buttons.
1        2-1/4"      School Artwork and Design Book 500+ designs. See below.
1000  2-1/4"      Pre-Cut Circles for "Make your own button workshops"
1        2-1/4"      Manufacturers Warranty & Instructions



The Model #225 can also produce 10 different products!
-Pin Back Buttons
-Collet Back Buttons
-Prong Back Buttons
-Mirror Back Buttons
-Key Chains (3 styles to choose from)
-Bulldog Clips
-Bottle Opener
Size: 10" x 3" x 6", Weighs approximately 10 lbs
Use with optional Graphic Punch Model #2625
Button Maker is all metal construction with no plastic parts. Made in the U.S.A.
This product has a lifetime warranty from the manufacturer.


School educational button design Bullying Button designs Music Button Designs


List of pre-made school artwork and school button designs. 500 designs +


* Animals

* Anti-Bullying

* Drug Free

* Educational button designs

* Environment

* French Language

* Good Behaviour Awards 

* I Love School / School Subjects

* Music Button Designs

* Numbers & Counting

* Play Time

* Provincial Flags

* Road Safety

* Special Days/Celebrations (ex: "It's My Birthday!")

* Sports

* Street Signs

* Student Elections

* Uplifting Messages

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