DIY Inspiration: Fine Gentleman Upcycled Vintage Collage Fridge Magnets April 17 2018

Collaged from vintage advertisements, these Fine Gentlemen Fridge Magnets are not only handsome, but practical too! 

Hand pressed on a 2" x 3" Rectangle button maker, these magnets will effortlessly hold up to 5 pieces of paper on your fridge, locker, or magnetic surface of your choosing. 

Hand Made Fridge Magnet Inspiration DIY Collage

You can get your hands on this magnet collection in store, or let them inspire you to make some collage magnets of your own!

Some tips for collaging on buttons or magnets:

  1. Don't collage heavily around the edges because it can interfere with successfully pressing the magnet on a hand press
  2. Use printer paper or similarly weighted paper for your magnets, as thicker papers tends to get jammed (especially if you're layering!)
  3. Let glue or other adhesives dry completely before pressing 
  4. Have fun and happy making!

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