Industry Training Authority Youth Buttons for Skilled Trades | Custom Buttons British Columbia March 22 2019

"So whaddya wanna do with your life?" 

This is the lovely question we get asked and ask ourselves throughout our youth ... and beyond. Maybe we never figure it out or keep coming up with different answers over the years, but it's always nice to get a bit of guidance, direction and support.

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The good folks at British Columbia's Industry Training Authority, through their ITA Youth Trades Programs, are helping youth in the province learn about training for a career in the skilled trades well before they leave high school. 

Skilled tradespeople make our lives better in many ways and are very necessary in our society. And it is the mission of ITA Youth to help show youth what is possible through a career in a trade. 

In BC alone it is projected that there will be over 1 million job openings by 2025 and over half of those available jobs will be in the skilled trades. 

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We work with the ITA Youth team to print and cut custom artwork for their button making. They have a button maker, but cutting artwork can be time consuming and potentially costly if you don't have a cutter or even if you do and you have a lot of cuttIng to do! We offer pre-cut artwork services to just save you time and energy. Then you get perfectly cut paper circles ready to press, which is especially handy for making buttons at events.

Button making is a a great hand's on activity for an event and is enjoyed by all ages. Get people engaged and then they get to take home some handmade swag. 

If you'd like to learn more about what ITA Youth does you can check out their website and various social media profiles. Educators and employers will also be able to find information and resources on the website. 

Twitter: @ita_youth
Facebook: @IndustryTrainingAuthority
Instagram: @ita_youth
YouTube: itabctradestraining