Custom Round Pre-Cut Art

precut art for buttons 875

7/8" Round Pre-Cut Art

Probably the smallest buttons in the world! These super cute and tiny buttons are a great marketing tool for emerging artists and are especially loved by (but not limited to!) kids, teens, and young adults.

precut art for buttons 100

1" Round Pre-Cut Art

1" buttons are a very popular for band buttons and other music related events, festivals, and organizations. Simple designs with no more than 1-3 words fit best on this size.

precut art for buttons 125

1-1/4" Round Pre-Cut Art

The most popular button size for button sets and collectibles, and a great choice for Comic and Anime cons. This is the smallest sized button that has an integrated pin backing disc, rather than an inserted copper pin.

precut art for buttons 150

1-1/2" Round Pre-Cut Art

A great medium size that gives a little more space to your design than the small button sizes. Great for showing off art at a wearable size!

precut art for buttons 175

1-3/4" Round Pre-Cut Art

The 1-3/4" button is a very popular medium sized button, with a good balance between having more space for words and artwork, but still being small enough to wear regularly.

precut art for buttons 200

2" Round Pre-Cut Art

The only standard button size that has a slick black plastic back. This size is useful for smaller name tags (events, summer camps, etc) where just the name is needed.

precut art for buttons 225

2-1/4" Round Pre-Cut Art

Our most popular size! Great for grabbing attention without being oversized, and a perfect size for kids to draw/colour on and make their own. The button of choice for elections and campaigns!

precut art for buttons 250

2-1/2" Round Pre-Cut Art

This is a great size for really grabbing attention! Often used for larger election buttons, and sales staff uniforms, such as “Ask Me!” and special offers buttons.

precut art for buttons 300

3" Round Pre-Cut Art

A 3" button is a big button. Great for a large election button (many elections have been won on 3" buttons), and often used for photo buttons and "draw your own" buttons for kids.

precut art for buttons 350

3-1/2" Round Pre-Cut Art

Big buttons are in, make a statement! Supersize your campaign button or use for photo buttons.

precut art for buttons 400

4" Round Pre-Cut Art

Super big - exactly what you need to get noticed, and great for photo buttons!

6" Round Pre-Cut Art

The biggest of the biggest! This beast of a button is perfect for celebrating an event, award buttons and novelty gifts.



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