Introducing New Look Silicone Lubricant - Still a Button Maker Must-Have | Button Making Resources December 21 2018

We like to say a stick of lubricant is a button maker's best friend. And if you've made 100s and 1000s of buttons with your button maker you know what we mean. 

lube for button press

For those of you familiar with silicone, there is just a change in that we are carrying a new brand. We will now be selling AGS Stick Lubricant. This replaces the Panef stick lubricant we have been carrying. 

Why Do I Need Silicone Lubricant for My Button Maker?

Well-built button makers like the all-metal machines we sell are made to last, but with lots of use they will need some maintenance over time to keep them pumping out buttons. 

Silicone lubricant is that handy tool that doesn't cost a lot and will last forever -  you only need to use a bit at a time - but will assist when you find your buttons aren't pressing as cleanly as they did. 

When and How Do I Use Silicone Lubricant? 

When you notice buttons aren't crimping well (the mylar and paper aren't pressed together with the rest of the button smoothly) then it is time to add a bit of lubricant to your machine. You only need to put a small amount of the lubricant (like a glue stick) onto your finger and apply to just one spot on your machine. Like magic!

To see exactly where to apply the small bit of lube to your machine, check out this video:

Lubricant can - and should - be added to your hand press and your automatic machines. Here, with our automatic presses, we are adding a bit of lube every 100 buttons because they can pump out over 1000 pins in a single day.

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