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Silicon Lubricant for maintaining button makers

AGS Tan Silicone Lube Stik is perfect for lubricating button makers. 1.68 oz, 47.6 g tubes.

Can be used for car, home, shop, and sports equipment applications.  Specifically for use on metal, wood, leather, and plastic. It lubricates, protects, preserves and it's waterproof. Use on sliding doors, drawers, bucket seat slides, tent zippers, water and snow skis, auto latches and striker plates."

     Recommended by THE BUTTON GUY for button maker lubrication!

Ideal for lubricating the upper die on larger button makers.  This product if used correctly can fix bubbles in the mylar, mylar-sealing problems and general-button quality problems.

Checkout the button guy blog for more info on how to use this product.

Maintaining & lubricating a button maker | Button Guy Video: Maintaining your button maker | How to "Tune-up" a Tecre, red & black, button maker.


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