New: Holographic Glitter Button Collection January 18 2018

Our Holographic Glitter Buttons were once only available to custom order, but now we've got a collection available online and in the showroom!

The buttons are made with Holographic Foil and Dura-Lar, and have a crazy sparkle that just won't quit. 

Holographic Sparkle Glitter Buttons Custom Toronto


We've got a ton of awesome designs too! From magical characters like mermaids and dragons, to zoo animals, all the way to outer space.

Sparkle Holographic Button Designs Toronto

You can order these holographic buttons online here, or swing by our shop in The Junction.

If you're inspired by these glitter buttons, take a look at these buttons for Daiza , a musical artist who wanted to get their sparkle on too! We even mounted their buttons on a card, which makes for a super sleek finished product. 

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