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Custom Packaging for Button Products

Contact us for a quote.

Then dress your buttons for success!  ... and increase your sales :)

Designed to match your brand, custom packaging adds value to your buttons (and other custom products) by making them look more professional (aka worth top dollar) and gives you more space to provide information about your business, organization, or project. Include your website, slogan, social media urls, QR Codes, mission statements, elevator pitches ... or anything else you want your client to see/read when the buttons catch their eye.

Keep your prized products in top selling shape.

Cardstock packages and plastic bagging also provide an added layer of protection from dirt, dust, and scratching that can happen over time when buttons are left loose in a bag (or box) and being moved around from event to event.

Great for:

- Fundraising and Awareness-Raising Campaigns

- Bands and Artists who sell buttons from home and on the road

- Fine Artists who sell their works in button or magnet form at art galleries and farmers/craft markets

- Store fronts and corner shop consignment displays

So many options!

There are a number of ways that we can create custom packaging for your buttons and other products -and in various shapes and sizes! Drop us a line to discuss your packaging needs/vision and we'll work with you to create the best possible packaging for your product :)

Some ideas might include:

- Heavyweight Cards (business card or postcard sized rectangular cards, round or oval discs, square and oblong cards)

- Single button or complete collection/series packages

- Plastic bagging: singles, collections, or strips

- Sticker seals for a custom finishing touch



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