New Kits and Special Pricing on FLEX1000 and FLEX2000 Hobby Button Maker Kits December 06 2017

It's December and that holiday shopping countdown is now on!

If you have a special crafty person on your list this year, why not consider introducing them to button making with a FLEX1000 hobby kit or a FLEX2000 hobby kit? Just in time for the holiday shopping season we are offering new kits and special pricing for both of these all-metal multi-die hobby button makers.

The FLEX1000 2-1/4" Start-Up Kit + 3" Add-On Die Set

The FLEX1000 2 Die Kit is a great place to start if you want to make mid-size and big buttons. Great for little artists who like lots of space to draw their designs. These kits include supplies to make buttons and magnets, as well as free rotary cutters for each size.Flex1000 hobby button making kit

The FLEX2000 Complete Kit (2-1/4", 1" & 1-1/2")

This FLEX2000 3 die kit includes dies to make 1", 1-1/2" and 2-1/4" buttons and magnets. This hobby maker is a different pressing style than the FLEX1000, but uses the same standard parts so the finished product looks the same. This kit allows you to make smaller designs that are great for small band buttons and mid-size art buttons.

If you are thinking of making just a few buttons for yourself and friends or some to compliment other crafts you make, both machines are ideal for these activities. Unlike the heavy duty machines that make only one size per machine, you get to have a few options when crafting with the FLEX series, but don't have to work with plastic machines that will break with use.

Make sure to make the DIY specialist or little artist on your shopping list (including YOU) extra happy this year with a button maker!