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FLEX2000 Multi-Size Button Maker & Start Up Kits



The second machine in the FLEX Series of button makers, the FLEX2000 operates with a sliding die system and can press the following round button sizes (corresponding die sets required):

1" · 1-1/2" · 1-3/4" · 2-1/4"

You can use the Free Online Button Designer for instant, easy button design in any of these sizes.

To make 3" buttons within the FLEX2000 system, you'll need the bigger FLEX3000 base and 3" die set.

START UP KIT includes:

    • The FLEX2000 machine base
    • 2-1/4" Round Die Set (Most Popular Size)
    • 2-1/4" Round Rotary Cutter
    • 100 x 2-1/4" complete button parts (Pinned Backs, Shells, and Mylar)
    • 10 x 2-1/4" complete magnet parts (Recessed backs, Peel n' Stick Magnets, Shells, and Mylar)

      *SPECIAL PRICE!* COMPLETE Button Making Kit (1", 1-1/2" & 2-1/4") includes:

      • Instruction Manual
      • The FLEX2000 machine base
      • 3 quick change dies in 3 sizes
      • FREE Round Rotary Cutter in all 3 button sizes
      • 100 each complete button parts in 3 sizes (Total 300)
      • 10 each magnet parts in 3 sizes (Total 30)

      Individual Die Set ADD-ON PACKAGES include:

      • Die Set for the size you have chosen
      • FREE Rotary Cutter for the size you have chosen
      • 100 complete button parts for your corresponding die size
      • 10 complete magnet parts for your corresponding die size

      To order more supplies and see what other products your button press can make, go to Parts & Supplies for the FLEX2000 and choose your size.
      Order online or call in with a credit card.

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