Usher in Spring with Sakura Flowers Button Cards Just in Time for Cherry Blossom Season! May 07 2018

It seems Spring is finally here. (No more ice storms in April, okay?)

To celebrate the coming of Spring we have created these pretty little Sakura Flowers Spring Button Cards

These button cards are blooming just ahead of the real Cherry Blossom season in Toronto's High Park, which is near our retail shop. If you are in the store to pick up buttons, do see if you can book some extra time make a trip to see the flowering trees in all their glory. 

Sakura Cherry Blossom Pinback Button Card

Each card carries an uplifting message (there are 2 messages to choose from) and includes a 1-1/2" pinback button with a delightful cherry blossom pattern. 

Choose from one of two messages: 

"No Winter Lasts Forever, No Spring Skips Its Turn"  

"Just Like Spring, You Bring Love and Joy to Everything"

These button cards are great for any season though as their sweet messages can serve as little pick-me-ups whatever the weather! 

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And if you are in Toronto or planning a visit soon, be sure to check out High Park's Cherry Blossoms. Sure they will start flooding your Instagram feed, but always so much better in person! You can even check the status of the flowering trees on this handy website

Happy Spring!!