Sakura Flowers Spring Button Cards

Sometimes Winter can seem like it lasts forever and will never end, but of course we know it will. Spring does come along eventually and along with it lots of new growth and flowers!

In a nod to our Toronto shop's High Park location - the site of a brilliant wave of cherry blossoms every year - we've made little pick-me-up Sakura Flowers Spring Button Cards that can be giving any time of year. These could also be a to herald in a new Spring or just given to someone as a token to feel better. 

Each card carries a message (2 different messages available) and includes a 1-1/2" Pinback Button with the same Sakura Flower pattern. 

Choose from one of two messages:

"No Winter Lasts Forever, No Spring Skips Its Turn"

"Just Like Spring, You Bring Love and Joy to Everything"

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