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3-1/2" Coaster Kit: Button Maker Kit with Graphic Punch, 500 Coaster parts, includes Coaster Insert

3-1/2" Coaster Button Kit

A 3-1/2" button is a big button.  Great for a large election button. Perfect for coaster buttons!  Does everything the 3" does but there's a bonus: COASTERS.  Coaster buttons are hot in some applications and not just for pubs and bars!  Often used for photo buttons and "draw your own" button with small children.Makes great big fridge magnets. Big buttons are in!   Coasters rule!

 What comes in the box.

1        3-1/2"      #350     Tecre Button Maker
1        3-1/2"      #4000   Tecre Graphic Punch
1        3-1/2"      # 350i    Tecre Coaster Insert (Adapter to flatten button to create a coaster)
500    3-1/2"      complete coaster parts - everything you need to make 500 3-1/2" coasters.
25       3-1/2"     complete pin-back button parts
1        3-1/2"      Manufacturers Warranty & Instructions



The Model #350 can produce 5 different products!
-Pin Back Buttons
-Key Chains
-Mirror Back Buttons
Size: 12" x 3" x 7", Weighs approximately 17 lbs.
Use with Graphic Punch Model #4000 included

Button Maker is all metal construction with no plastic parts. Made in the U.S.A.
This product has a lifetime warranty from the manufacturer.

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