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Adjustable Rotary Cutter. Cuts Paper & Fabric buttons! Circle Cutting

Recommended by the Button Guy Recommended Adjustable Circle Cutter

Great if you have or want multiple button sizes in one machine that is cheaper than the graphic punch!!  But note:  The graphic punch is faster if production speed is important!!

Great for making fabric buttons as well!

Adjustable Rotary Cutter
This circle cutter provides a low-cost method to cut circular button graphics with speed and accuracy. Two interchangeable plastic centering templates, pre-cut for 1" button graphics (1.313") are included and can be cut to match larger sizes. A cutting plate is also included and protects surfaces as the rotary cutter "crush cuts" the graphic. Depending on thickness, multiple graphics may be cut at one time.

Features of the Adjustable Rotary Cutter include:
Suitable for making both paper & fabric buttons!
Multi-size cutter

Spring-loaded, bronze bushed main shaft - permanently lubricated, smooth, steady operation

Interchangeable centering template - accurate placement, custom cut for each size, fewer wasted graphics.

Pre-set stops for five popular button sizes: 1", 1-1/2", 2-1/4", 3", 3-1/2" - easy and fast adjustment between sizes.

Palm sized knob - greater comfort, less fatigue.

Top mounted quick-release knob for size adjustments - speedy changes, added convenience, full range of sizes from 7/8" to 4"

Powder coated finish - durable and attractive.

Knurled base - provides excellent grip, avoids slipping on graphics.

All metal chassis construction - strong, durable, long-lasting.


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