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Button Making Accessories (NON-TABBED) Not for use with SLOTTED BACKS

This section is for button making accessories and supplies that do not have or require tabs.  Click Here for Tabbed accessories.  Non Slotted accessories or accessories without tabs usually require Jump Rings in combination with a pair of needle nose pliers to attach.

Key-rings, key-chains, split rings and all manner of keyring Button Parts

Key chains can be used to enhance any size of button.  Attach keyring accessories with tabbed keyrings and a flatback with a slot, versabacks or welded up eyes for larger buttons.  Welded up eyes go with almost every button size or shape.

Keyrings or keychains are available in 100's, 500's or 1000's.  Note if you want complete keychain Parts, with the shell, mylar and collet go to the Button Parts section and choose your button size.  Complete keychain parts are available in complete button sets under the "Everything for your........" product in the drop down menu.

Many of the below items require a jump ring and you will need a small pair of needle nosed pliers to open and then close the jump ring. Extra jump rings can be ordered here too.


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