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Cutting die for high volume button production

Cutting Die for high volume circle cutting and industrial button making

Used to cut graphics for all sizes of buttons including badge-a-minit, tecre, and any standard size button maker.

Product Features
  • Dimensions are exactly sized to +/- 0.0015"
  • Feed through design allows operator to position die by looking through the center hole of the die, ensuring perfect placement
  • High polished finish allows cutting die to easily slide through a stack of paper without undue friction
  • Can be re-sharpened in most cases
  • Cutting dies available for all button sizes
  • Custom sizes also available upon request
  • Made in USA

Checkout the die press.  A die press with good cutting dies is key to fast button making

Please note the sizes listed are not the actual cut sizes but the size of the buttons the die produces.

The key to good button production is good circle cutting. Fast accurate circle cutting can make you money. A die cutting press with a good cutting die is the fastest way to cut images for buttons and button making and this press with a die can cut 30 sheets at a time. But not so fast. Accurate die cutting may only be 5 sheets at a time depending on the image. A circle within a circle is hardest to cut, a mm off and you will see the image is not centered. You are in the right place for fast button making and high volume circle cutting. Good button production requires good quality control as well. Like I say some jobs you will cut 30 at a time, other jobs you may be back to the graphic punch cutting one at a time, it really depends on the image. Quality industrial button making requires quality control and patience.

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