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Everything for your T150 Button Maker (2-1/4")

Complete sets of supplies for making pin-back buttons and other craft projects with the T150 Button Maker. 

Use the drop down menus to choose the product type and pack size (quantity) you want. Then we'll send you everything you need to make them! :)

Note: It is important to order your supplies from this page and not the regular 2-1/4" parts page, because the T150 requires a slightly different sized mylar (2-41/64"). There is no price difference, but the quality of your buttons will be much better!

Product Information:

2-1/4" is one of the most common button sizes, often used for election campaigns, sharing photos with friends, hand drawn crafts at school, daycare centers, and summer camp activities. This size is popular because it is big enough that the words and images on the button can easily be seen and the parts are easy to handle when putting together. Not only is the size friendly, but it is also the most versatile, as the most types of products are available in this size (note: bottle openers are only available in 2-1/4").

Supply packs are available in 3 quantities: 100, 500, and 1000. Want larger quantities? Give us a call for a quote :)

T150 Product Types and Common Uses:

To learn more about the different types of products you can make with a T150 machine, click the links below:


            - Pinback (Standard)

              - Spring Pin

              - Bulldog Clip

              - Center Hole

              - Flat Back

              - Prong Back


              - Metal

              - Magnetic and Black Plastic Back: These backing options are not available for the T150. To make a magnetic or black plastic bottle opener, you will need to rent or purchase a Tecre, Quick Stroke, Industrial, or Romic machine.


              - Link Chain

              - Snake Chain

              - Split Ring


              - Peel & Stick


              - Pocket & Purse Mirrors  


              - Tie Tacks 

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