Graphic Punch Cleaner

The Graphic Punch Cleaner

Get this handy tool to easily fix your graphic punch (circle cutter)! At some point you will find that your graphic punch is getting jammed with paper or is a bit sticky from lots of use. It can be a challenge to clean your graphic punch, but with the graphic punch cleaner you can get it working again in seconds.

Avoid having to pay to ship and repair your circle cutter with this inexpensive piece of metal that can be kept on hand in your button making toolkit.

Watch this video to see how this tool works to repair your graphic punch. 

How it Works

Just slide the paper thin piece of metal in the slot where the paper is inserted, and slowly move it around to clear out small bits of paper, adhesive, and whatever else gets stuck in there! Seconds later, you'll have a graph punch that's like new again!

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