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Instagram Buttons & Magnets

Pin-back buttons and fridge magnets made from your Instagram Photos! Available in glossy or matte finishes and four different sizes.

Prices are PER PHOTO. If you want more than one photo in the same order, just use the drop down menus to select what you want for the first photo and add to cart, then hit the 'back' button and repeat the same steps for all your other photos, adding each one to your cart individually. Then check out and send us your Instagram pictures :) You'll receive a link to upload online, but you can also email them to us. 

Want to order lots of button/magnets or use different shapes and sizes? You might want to consider ordering from our regular custom button page or maybe even invest in your own DIY button maker machine!

instagram photo buttons magnets  instagram buttonsinstagram photo buttonsinstagram magnets

 Put your Instagram image on a button or magnet.



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