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Parts & Supplies for FLEX 1” Button Makers


All FLEX machines take the same parts so you can use Flex1000 parts in a FLEX2000 no problem.  They are the same!

1" Button Parts and accessories for the FLEX1000 Button Maker or  FLEX2000 Button Maker with 1" Die Set

 1" is the most popular size of small buttons, which can be used as fashion or music and band buttons.

On this page we have all available supplies for FLEX Button makers with 1" Die Set in 4 pack sizes:  25, 100, 500 or 1000's.

Choose your item and your pack size using the drop-down menus below.

Common Uses

1" buttons are a very popular for band buttons and other music related events, festivals, and organizations. They are a great marketing tool for emerging artists and are especially loved by (but not limited to!) kids, teens, and young adults. The compact size makes them fashionable (not too bulky) and easy to sell in collections. Simple designs with no more than 1-3 words fit best on this size.

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