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Parts & Supplies for Standard 3-1/2" Button Makers


3-1/2" Button Parts and accessories for the 3-1/2" Button Maker # 350 and all standard 3-1/2" Button Makers 

On this page we have all available supplies and accessories for 3-1/2" Button Makers. Pinback Buttons, Fridge Magnets and Coasters are available.

We stock parts in 3 pack sizes:  100, 500 or 1000's.Choose your item and your packsize using the dropdown menus.

Common Uses

A 3-1/2" button is a big button.  Great for a large election button.  Does everything the 3" does but there's a bonus: COASTERS.  Coaster buttons are great for restaurants and pubs, and make great DIY gifts!  Often used for photo buttons and "draw your own" button with small children.  Also makes for great big fridge magnets. Big buttons are in!

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