Printing Services

To provide the best possible color and image quality for your buttons, we use only high quality professional paper.

Using a lesser quality paper (like your average 5 cents per copy from a copy machine kind of paper) reduces color brilliance and saturation. This is because the paper fibers are less dense, making your paper slightly see-through and giving it a greyish (not pure white) hue. 

Printing for Standard Buttons: Currently we offer 92 bright, 32 lb glossy paper (sheet size: 8.5" x 11") with the option of matte laminate finishing.

Printing for Metallic Buttons: We can print onto clear acetate sheets (8.5" x 11"). Just remember: anything that is colored white in your design will print clear! We advise using a grey background layer when designing your button, so you can see how the colours will look on a silver (the color of your shells) button. Then turn that layer off before saving for print.



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