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Parts & Supplies for T150 2-1/4" Button Makers


Complete sets of supplies for making pin-back buttons and other craft projects with the T150 Button Maker. Supply packs are available in 3 quantities: 100, 500, and 1000. Want larger quantities? Give us a call for a quote :)

Choose your item and your packsize using the dropdown menus above.

Note: It is important to order your supplies from this page and not the regular 2-1/4" parts page, because the T150 requires a slightly different sized mylar (2-41/64"). There is no price difference, but the quality of your buttons will be much better!

Common Uses

The 2-1/4" is probably the most popular button size for general use. A good standard size election button.  Great for kids to "draw their own" and used frequently for button making workshops and at events.  The 2-1/4" has the largest selection of stuff you can produce with your machine, including mirrors, key-chains and magnets, as well as being the only size for bottle openers.  The 2-1/4" is the largest button in the smallest price bracket meaning maximum bang for your buck!

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