Gifts to Make: Custom Coasters for the Holidays December 06 2017

Is there anything more special than giving or receiving a personal heartfelt gift?

The People Power team is going to score you some major cool points this holiday season with DIY personalized gift ideas. Best of all, you can leave the "DIY" part to us if you like!

 Custom Christmas Present 2017 Coaster

A customized coaster set might be the special gift your looking for! You can send along a picture and leave the rest of the designing up to our talented Design Team, or you can design a coaster yourself on The Online Button Designer.

For more info on how to use Button Designer, check out this post.

Custom Stocking Stuffer Coaster Gifts


Have a 3.5" Round Button Maker already? Purchase the supplies to make Button Coasters at home, or rent a coaster press at our shop (select 3.5" round from the drop down menu),  and we'll show you how to make coasters right in the showroom :)

Here is an instructional video showing all the steps of pressing a coaster with the Tecre Model 350 Hand Press and coaster insert.


If you're really trying to impress, why not make it a duo and design a custom bottle opener too?!