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2-1/4" T150 Button Maker Kit



The T150 is a 2-1/4" size hobby button maker for low budget button making. A robust button machine that makes a standard size button.  This is one of the cheapest button makers on the market but still reliable.  This machine takes the standard North American low cost button parts!!!

  • Model #8895 hand press for making medium sized buttons and magnets.
  • 2-1/4" Circle Cutter - Cuts multiple Button Sizes 1-1/4" to 6" Round.
  • 9" square Glass Cutting Mat for use with Circle Cutter
  • Everything you need to make 250 x 2.25" pin-back buttons (shells, mylar, and pinned backs). You can order more 2-1/4" Button Supplies when you run out.
  • Manufacturer's Lifetime Warranty & Instructions

The Model #8895 can produce 10 different products!  Uses STANDARD button parts!

  • Pin Back Buttons
  • Collet Back Buttons
  • Prong Back Buttons
  • Mirror Back Buttons
  • Magnets
  • Key Chains (3 styles to choose from)
  • Bulldog Clips
  • Bottle Opener

Common Uses

The 2-1/4" is probably the most popular button size for general use. A good standard size election button, and great for kids to "draw their own" and used frequently for button making workshops and at events.

This button size has the largest selection of stuff you can produce with your machine, including mirrors, key-chains and magnets, as well as being the only size for bottle openers. 

The 2-1/4" is the largest button in the smallest price bracket meaning maximum bang for your buck!


Includes a lifetime warranty from the manufacturer.

Size: 4" x 10" x 8", Weighs approximately 15 lbs

Use with the optional Graphic Punch Model #2625 (not included) or any Standard 2-1/4" button equipment.

Made in the U.S.A.


The T150 Press uses Standard 2-1/4" Button Supplies.
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