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Vegetarian and Vegan Fridge Magnets Now Available! February 27 2018

Hey to our vegetarian and vegan friends! We've created something just for you!

gifts for vegans

Keep your work and home fridges meat-free with our new I (Heart) Veggies Fridge Magnet Collection!

There are 8 different designs available ranging from funny to straight to the point. Whatever approach you want to take, these 2 x 3 rounded rectangle magnets will let folks know what's in your fridge (and what should stay out).

affordable handmade gifts in Toronto

This is especially a great idea for refrigerators that are shared by many people, especially in shared work spaces. 

The magnets can be purchased online or you can pick on up in our shop in Toronto's Junction neighbourhood. 

Also available as in the I (Heart) Veggies Pin Collection as 1.25" pinback buttons. 

Have your own design in mind for a fridge magnet? Let us know and we can help you make it happen! 


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Guest Blog! Button Making Takes the Stage in the Classroom at Georges Vanier Elementary School (Surrey) February 12 2018

We work with a lot of schools and educators who are doing such incredible things in the classroom with their button makers. And what they are up to is too good to keep to ourselves. So we've asked some of these teachers to share their programs and results directly with you!

Anna Crosland is an awesome award-winning educator. She teaches at Georges Vanier Elementary School in Surrey, British Columbia.


At Georges Vanier Elementary, our People Power Press button maker has been a welcome addition to the student makers and creators at our school.

Our focus has been on Social Emotional Learning and students have been highly motivated to share and further develop their understanding of a number of important Core Competencies. Each of our themed designs are on different colour backgrounds with a border template that allows students to individualize their creations. It is a fully inclusive activity: Absolutely everyone can participate.

kindness in schools

Kindness Counts: A School-Wide Celebration

Our first initiative was to create Kindness Counts buttons. The goal was to encourage acts of kindness but in particular to remember the power and impact of a simple smile. All Staff and students from Kindergarten to Grade 7 drew self portraits and wore their pins proudly to school. We celebrated kindness with a school wide assembly with over 600 unique buttons.

Handy tip: Encourage students to write their names in the middle of the back of their papers. Names at the edges will be cut of by the circle template.

Maker education in schools Canada

A New Generation of Makers

We also encourage students to be Makers: to imagine, to problem-solve, to design, to work co-operatively, to build and to create. Student work is celebrated, confidence is built and students take pride in their accomplishments and efforts.

Our second school-wide initiative, K-7, gave students the opportunity to show off their latest projects, share ideas and helped to solidify the concept that everyone can be a Maker.

Orange Shirt Day Residential Schools Indigenous Peoples

Orange Shirt Day: Understanding the Impact of Residential Schools on Indigenous Peoples

Most recently a Grade 4 class created buttons for Orange Shirt Day. Students have been learning about the impact of Residential Schools on the Indigenous Peoples.

As students come to a deeper understanding, we used traditional Coast Salish Art eye shapes to accompany the message ‘Our Eyes Are Open’.

See more here: http://georgesvanierlibrary.edublogs.org/2017/09/27/our-eyes-are-open-learning-about-residential-schools/

Handy tip: When creating hundreds of unique buttons, write student names on the black plastic backings with white pencil crayons. Also, make a handful of extra pins for 'just in case' - everyone will want to be included.

Overall, the use of the People Power Press button maker has been a great success. Students are highly engaged, not only in making the buttons, but in developing a deeper connection to the message they are sharing. There is a greater understanding of the issues.

Creating the buttons, sharing the process, visibly acknowledging that the school as a whole is working together, helps build and connect our school community.

Anna Crosland is the Teacher-Librarian at Georges Vanier Elementary School in Surrey, B.C. She shares practical ideas on her blog: http://georgesvanierlibrary.edublogs.org and on Twitter: @crosland_a 


If you have your own story of how button makers are being used in your school, library or other communities, we'd love to feature your story on the button blog too! Please contact us for more information. :)


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Metallic Finish Buttons for Acclaimed Japanese Group DRUM TAOS's North American Tour February 09 2018

TAO: Drum Heart is the latest show from internationally acclaimed Japanese drumming group DRUM TAO. They kicked off their latest North American tour in Montreal on Jan. 31st and along the tour there will be buttons!

japanese drumming Drum Tao tour

We made custom 1-1/4" round buttons with their logo using a metallic finish for a button with an extra bang. 

DRUM TAO's modern, high-energy percussion shows have been seen by over 7 million people worldwide. The show is rooted in traditional art of Japanese drumming, but is distinctively modern with contemporary costumes and innovative visual displays. 

The group performed at the 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics and their first North American tour was sold out. They have also performed live on The Late Night with Stephen Colbert. If you get the chance, be sure to see them live if you can. It is guaranteed to be a very memorable experience! 

Check out DRUM TAO and learn more about their North American tour!

For a full listing of tour dates you can visit the DRUM TAO website.

You can also find them online (some content is in Japanese):

YouTube: DRUM TAO Channel
Twitter: @drum_tao
Facebook: @DRUMTAO.JPN

Instagram: @drum.tao_official

How are metallic buttons made?

These metallic buttons are created by printing the design on duralar and then letting the silver of the button shine through as the background. You can learn more about this process here.

 Please contact us for more info about metallic buttons, including pricing. 



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Button Greeting Cards for Your Valentine's Day Sweetheart (and Galentine's Day too!) February 07 2018

The People Power Press Button Greeting Card Collection continues to grow!

We have some super sweet (and maybe a bit sappy) designs just in time for that annual day of love, Valentine's Day!

 fun Valentine's Day cards locally made in Toronto

Get a fun card for your main squeeze that includes a button or two - one for them and one for you! Different designs available.

Not doing the Valentine's Day thing this year, but celebrating Galentine's Day on February 13th instead? Yeah ladies, we have a card for that too!

Greeting Card Galentine's Day February 13 Ovaries Before Brovaries Buttons Utureses before Duderuses Badge

You can order one of our Valentine's Day designs online or pop into the Toronto store to see our current collection.

Handmade Card for Valentines Unique

We also sell wedding cards, birthday cards and baby cards. And we stock various holiday cards throughout the year. You can see the entire (ever expanding) button greeting card collection here!




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Big Buttons for a Big Idea: Toy Lending Library Introduced in Calgary's Growing Sunalta Community Hub February 01 2018

Sunalta is a community in central Calgary, Alberta that is home to a thriving community hub full of great activities and services for all of its residents.  And the hub is about to expand with another awesome service for members of the community - a Toy Lending Library!!

calgary buttons

The new Sunalta Toy Lending Library will be open on February 20th - with these big 4-inch buttons - and will offer educational and age-appropriate toys, as well as seasonal equipment, for a low annual fee. Residents can even volunteer their time to help run the library to have that fee waived.

Lending libraries are a great way for families and caregivers to access a variety of toys without the cost of buying them new. You also won't have to clutter up your home with lots of toys and are able to reduce your environmental impact by sharing and reusing toys, all while building community.   

The Sunalta Community Association and the Community Hub Project

The Sunalta Community Association has been operating since 1954 and is up to lots of great community initiatives, including the Sunalta Community Hub Project in partnership with the United Way of Calgary and Area, The City of Calgary and the Rotary Club of Calgary. You can learn more about this initiative.

Community hubs are common, accessible spaces where all members of a community can come together to share ideas and leadership and access a variety of services and programs. What is offered in each hub is determined by the unique needs of that community. 

Check out the Sunalta Community Association's great website to see just what they are up to. Maybe there is something here that you could make available to your own community! 

You can also follow them on social media:

Instagram: @sunaltayyc 
Facebook: @Sunalta
Twitter: @SunaltaYYC

Big Buttons to Get Noticed 

4" buttons are big buttons. You only need a few but they are sure to get noticed. If you have questions about our really large buttons (there is also a 6" button!) or custom buttons in general, be sure to let us know



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Tips for Designing DIY Holographic Buttons January 29 2018

Designing Holographic Sparkle Buttons is really fun, and the finished product looks AMAZING. That being said, they are a little bit trickier to design than buttons printed on regular paper.

How to design holographic buttons with foil and dura-lar

Here are some hot tips for making your holographic button designs stand out and looking their very best!

1. Keep your designs simple.

2. The fewer colours, the better.

3. Make sure the shapes in your design aren't too small. 

4. Outline your image with a dark colour for optimal image definition. The picture above shows the same designs with two different treatments. The design on the left has a transparent outline which makes it tricky to see the mermaid. The design on the right has a black outline, which makes the mermaid stand out and look extra awesome!

shiny fun buttons

For full details on how to make your own DIY Holographic Sparkle Buttons, check out this tutorial blog from our archives.

Let us know what other design questions you have and we can include in future how-to blog posts! 


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Go Team Canada: Pin On Your Canuck Pride for the 2018 Winter Olympics January 26 2018

The countdown is on for the 2018 Winter Olympics in PyeongChang, South Korea. And we are ready to show our support for the Canadian Olympic team with these fun, cute 1" buttons.

I mean, a goose playing hockey? A moose curling? A skiing polar bear? Adorable.

team canada winter olympic buttons

The Winter Games run February 9th to February 25th and is South Korea's second time hosting the Olympics, with their first hosting gig in 1988.

These Winter Olympic pins are People Power Press' latest vending machine buttons so you can come in and see what you get from all of our available designs. Or you can place an order for your own set (a mix of designs or just one or two, that is up to you!) by contacting us.

Toronto Canada souvenirs

The tiny, wearable Team Canada pins also can double up as a great tourist souvenir pin for anyone visiting Canada or to gift to visitors to this winter sport loving country. You can also get a souvenir pin with the South Korean flag. 



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Very Cool Custom Band Buttons for the Very Cool Vancouver-based Jeremy Tardif Band January 24 2018

We love making band buttons because we get introduced to a variety of great artists from all over the place. 

By way of these cool custom 1.25" round pins, we got to learn about the Jeremy Tardif Band and now we want to share them with you!

vancouver indie band buttons

Jeremy Tardif Band (JTB) is a 3-piece neo classical, progressive, piano rock band.

JTB is now based in Vancouver, British Columbia, after spending some time in Melbourne, Australia. The indie band has an emotional piano driven style. 

When describing the music, Jeremy Tardif says, I believe in emotion. It is my desire that when you listen to my music you will pull something out of the music just for you. You might understand something in the music that even I haven't seen yet! I just want to leave that up to you!"

The band recently released their first official music video for track Small Talk World and often perform live. You can check them out to hear their sounds and follow up on where they are performing next! 

Website: www.jeremytardifband.com 
Youtube: Jeremy Tardif Band
Facebook: www.facebook.com/jeremytardifmusic 
Instagram: @jeremytardifband

Got your own band? 

If you are in a band and want to have some band merch at shows for fans, get in touch and let us know! We can help you with some custom band pins using your design or we can come up with something for you. 

You can see some of our other recent band pins here, here and here



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New: Holographic Glitter Button Collection January 18 2018

Our Holographic Glitter Buttons were once only available to custom order, but now we've got a collection available online and in the showroom!

The buttons are made with Holographic Foil and Dura-Lar, and have a crazy sparkle that just won't quit. 

Holographic Sparkle Glitter Buttons Custom Toronto


We've got a ton of awesome designs too! From magical characters like mermaids and dragons, to zoo animals, all the way to outer space.

Sparkle Holographic Button Designs Toronto

You can order these holographic buttons online here, or swing by our shop in The Junction.

If you're inspired by these glitter buttons, take a look at these buttons for Daiza , a musical artist who wanted to get their sparkle on too! We even mounted their buttons on a card, which makes for a super sleek finished product. 

Get in touch with People Power Press by dropping by at 3095 Dundas Street West, or by giving us a call at (416) 204-1984. We can't wait to meet you :)





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Supporting #MeToo and Time's Up January 17 2018

If you watched last Sunday’s Golden Globes or saw any coverage after the event, you probably saw celebrities sporting black on the red carpet along with a Time’s Up pin. 

Buttons have a long history of being simple, but powerful tools to share special causes or ideas so it is no surprise pins made an appearance at the Hollywood event.

times up movement

Time’s Up, which is what was on the pin worn by attendees at the 2018 Golden Globes, is a collective response by women in Hollywood to tackle systemic sexual harassment in all workplaces. You can see the action plan and get valuable resources at www.timesupnow.com.

Time’s Up was created in part as a response to the very visible #MeToo campaign and the continued ripple effect of sexual abuse allegations against Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein.

While #MeToo has been very visible on social media and in the news since the recent Hollywood sex scandals, it was actually first used in 2006 by social activist and community organizer Tarana Burke. When a 13-year-old girl confided in Burke that she had been sexually assaulted, Burke was not able to respond. She later wished she had told the girl “me too.”

#metoo buttons

#MeToo was originally intended to empower women, especially young and vulnerable women of colour, through empathy. But in recent months the phrase has been used by all women to share their experience and voice solidarity and is even expanding to include other vulnerable groups. 

In French-speaking parts of Canada #MoiAussi is also used and other countries around the world have come up with their own variation of the #MeToo movement.

Show your support for #MeToo and Time’s Up with your own button! Contact us if you would like to order one of these designs or pass through the store to pick some up. 



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Updated Video Alert! How to Use the Flex2000 Button Maker January 04 2018

The Flex2000 hobby button maker is made of metal and makes many button sizes! If you already have this machine and want help to operate it or are just thinking of buying one, this brand new Flex 2000 video is for you! 

This machine makes great buttons, but there are some special tips and tricks to knowing how to use this machine properly. Based on our experience talking with customers about the Flex2000 we have created a video that walks you through how it works. If you can't make it into the store to see a live demo, this is the next best thing!

If you like to follow step-by-step written instructions, we also have the FLEX2000 instruction manual available online. This is the same manual that is included with all new machines. 

If you still have questions about this machine or any other button queries, just email or call us and we will help you out!

This is our second video in this more personal style. Please let us know what you think! These videos are intended to help make your button making experience super awesome. Your feedback does help us decide what videos to make next!



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Give the Gift of Crafting with a Button Gift Card December 22 2017

On the first day of Christmas, my true love... had no idea what to get.

Give the gift of choice with a People Power Press Gift Card! (Gift card denominations ranging from $10 and up.)

Gift Card for crafters and buttons makers christmas

Gift Cards are A Hassle-Free Option for Every Maker or Artist!

Button Gift Cards are delivered by email and contain instructions for how to redeem at checkout. With no hidden processing fees, it's the perfect way to give a button maker if you're not sure which one to choose!

Button Gift Cards are redeemable for any product in-store or online. For more details, give us a call at (416) 204-1984 and our knowledgeable button sales team will help you out :)

 Stocking Stuffer Make a Button Toronto

Another Great and Easy Choice for Young Crafters

If you're looking for a stocking stuffer, or simple gift for a child, the Make-A-Button Card may be the way to go. Or purchase a Make-A-Button Pack that includes the supplies and designs to make your buttons. Just bring in the card or supplies and use the button makers in our Toronto maker space at no additional cost! Find out all about "Make-A-Button" here.



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Too Hip for the 2017 Holiday Season? December 21 2017

The People Power Press "Too Hip For The Holidays" line is back for the 2017 season! These greeting cards, post cards, and pin packs are a great gift for the Grinch in the family.

Hipster Christmas Stocking Stuffer Toronto

All of these products are available in-store and online, but hurry before they're gone for another year, or whatever...



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Happy First Official Toronto Maple Leafs Day! December 19 2017

Maple Leafs 100th Anniversary Pinback Buttons

100 years ago today, on December 19 1917, our beloved home team played their first game in history. To commemorate the memory of that day, Toronto mayor John Tory has proclaimed December 19 official Toronto Maple Leafs day!

We wanted to pay tribute, by creating these new special Maple Leafs buttons.

This wasn't just the first game ever for Toronto Arenas, as the team was named back then, (the name Maple Leafs wasn't taken until 1927), it was also the first game in NHL history. Unfortunately, our team lost this first historic match to the Wanderers by 10-9.

To celebrate this joyous day, there will be a special Next Century Game this afternoon. At 2 pm the team will face the Carolina Hurricanes, wearing throwback Toronto Arena jerseys. 

The club is hoping to fill Air Canada Centre with thousands and thousands of children, to nourish and encourage a new generation of Leafs fans. 

But 2017 doesn't just mark Maple Leafs' 100 years in NHL, it also marks 50 years without winning a championship. The team has not won the Stanley Cup since 1967, which is the current longest drought in the NHL. 

Fortunately for the club, they have some of the most loyal and passionate fans in the NHL. No matter how many times the team loses or how expensive the tickets are, people keep coming to the games.

So these buttons are for all you devoted Maple Leafs fans, who never stop Beleafin' that this, this will be the season it all will happen. 


NHL Hockey Team Merch Badges 'Beleaf', 'Go Leafs Go', 'Our team since 1917'

We also have Blue Jays baseball buttons!

And these cute Toronto souvenir buttons!



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How to Fix a Jammed Graphic Punch Video (It's Easy!) December 11 2017

So you've been using your graphic punch without issue, but then it stops working. Gah, it's jammed! 

A jammed graphic punch is a common problem with a simple solution and this new video from the Button Guy is here to show you just how easy it is to fix!

Pretty easy, huh?

If you want to learn more about the tool you see in the video you can read this blog post.

Need the tool? You can purchase the graphic punch cleaner here!

Be sure to visit the Button Guy YouTube Channel - and subscribe! - to see more handy tips, trick and button making tutorials so you can make the most of your button maker machine and supplies.



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The 2017 People Power Press Holiday Gift Guide! December 08 2017

holiday gift guide 2017 button store 


The annual holiday shopping countdown is on! While you still have some time to shop for everyone on your list, we've prepared our annual People Power Press Holiday Gift Guide to help make things a little easier.

Consider a button maker for the artist, maker or crafter on your list. Make fun and unique personalized gifts for other friends and family. Pre-made buttons and cards for popping into a stocking too!

There are fun options for all ages and all budgets. People Power Press can truly be your one-stop shop so ... Happy Shopping!!crafty gift ideas maker



affordable button maker for crafts


Button Making on a Budget

Our “Hobby Button Makers” are great for kids or adults who want to get into button making on a budget. At the lowest price point of all, the T150 Button Maker is a great starter machine that makes standard 2-1/4” pinback buttons.

Though it isn’t intended for high volumes, the T150 is robust, and presses a button like the best of them. Unless the user is intending to make 100+ buttons in one sitting, this T150 Machine is the way to go.

For the Etsy Seller / Super Crafter

The Flex1000 Start-Up Kit is the ultimate hobby button press for the crafty person who is always making something. This machine is unique and wonderful because the add on die sets allow the user to make different sizes of buttons - big and small! - on one machine.


affordable button maker
affordable multisize button maker machine

Another Multi-Size Machine for the Maker on Your List

Another multi-size hobby button maker is the our Flex2000 machine. The add on die set sizes for this allows the user to create small and medium size buttons.

The Flex2000 has fewer removable parts than the Flex1000 and is a bit more straightforward to use, so it’s also a great option for kids (though parental supervision is encouraged).

Special pricing on the Flex2000 Complete Kit (with 3 dies) for the holiday season!

best button maker to buy


For the High Volume / Professional Button Maker

Our professional series of button makers are the best choice for anyone starting a button making business, creating buttons for bands, or pressing a high volume.

These Professional Machines are top-of-the-line, metal bodied, and come with a lifetime manufactures warranty. Once the user gets acquainted with the machine, one can easily press hundreds of buttons in one session.

personalized present ideas

For Grandparents and other Family and Friends

Is the 2017 holiday season going to be Baby's first Christmas, Hanukkah, or snowfall?

Remember the special occasion with these low cost Baby's First Custom Ornaments! They would look awesome on display in your home, on the tree, or by the mantle and are great presents for proud grandparents and other family and friends.

Baby's First Ornaments are also fantastic for fur babies! This little fluff wants to wish everyone a Meowy Christmas and Happy Holidays!


For Mom and Dad from the Kids

Do you have a little Picasso at home who loves to colour and create? Show off their talent and creative exploration this holiday season with custom kid's art magnets!

We can make a custom run for you, and if you have a button maker, you can make them right at home :)

For Teachers, Parents and Beverage Loving Friends!

The People Power team is going to score you some major cool points this holiday season with DIY personalized gift ideas. Best of all, you can leave the "DIY" part to us if you like!

A customized coaster set might be the special gift your looking for! You can send along a picture and leave the rest of the designing up to our talented Design Team, or you can design a coaster yourself on The Online Button Designer.

 gift idea for teacher or mom

For Social Media Loving Friends

Commemorate the special moments of 2017 with custom photo buttons and magnets made from pics on your Instagram feed!

Stay true to the Instagram look with square magnets, or shake it up with round, rectangle, or oval. This a a great and unique way to give friends and families a special gift too!

Simply place a custom magnet order, and send your favorite pictures to us via email at info@peoplepowerpress.org.

custom instagram gift idea


fun stocking stuffer ideas

For Foodies and Coffee Lovers

Super fun and popular fridge magnets based on our popular Pin Pack designs! Have something in mind you don't see here, you can always get us to make you some custom fridge magnets so that the gift is extra special!

Perfect for stocking stuffers or Secret Santas too!

fun fridge magnets for gifts

For Pretty Much Everyone - Sports Fans, Readers, Proud Canadians and Torontonians, Cyclists, Vegans and more...!

Show them you know them! Book and music lovers, cyclists, hipsters and coffee connoisseurs will be delighted by their very own Pin Pack, with all kinds of themes for all kinds of interests!

A simple and affordable way to show them you know them without breaking the bank.

For Writers, Artists, Vintage Lover or Bookworm?

 We're breathing new life into old library books with our collection of Up-cycled Library Notebooks and Sketchbooks. Made with library books that have been diverted from landfill, these books are hardcover, coil bound, and use "Tree Free" recycled paper.

Available in large and small sizes, we can even make a custom one out of your favorite book!


 greeting cards and gift cards for the holidays 2017


For Sharing Cheer with Everyone!

Hip Hip Hooray! The People Power Press Button greeting Card Collection is here for another holiday season - and with lots of new designs too. So be festive, cute or funny with your season's greeting this year.

Each full-colour card is blank on the inside, and comes with a special pinback button and envelope.

For Every Budget

On the first day of Christmas, my true love... had no idea what to get.

Give the gift of choice with a People Power Press Gift Card! (Gift card denominations ranging from $10 and up.)

Redeemable online or in-store this is an easy choice for the button maker or wannabe button maker on your list.

This is an especially great idea if you know someone who really, really, REALLY wants a button maker, but the cost is too high. Still contribute to their dream with a gift card.


We have loads more holiday gift ideas in store and are also happy to discuss a crafty button gift idea with you too! Just gift us a call, email us or come by the shop and we will make sure your special people get some truly special gifts!

Happy Holidays!



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See How to Use The Flex1000 Button Maker with This NEW Video! December 07 2017

The Flex1000 is a great all-metal multi-size hobby button maker, but it involves a few steps that you have to master to get making awesome buttons with every press.

So we decided to make a new video for the FLEX1000 to let people see how to use this machine properly. Just like being in the store or on the phone with us, we have taken the time to walk through how to use the machine and offer some common troubleshooting tips and tricks!

We hope this new video will help those who already have the machine and those folks who are thinking of purchasing the FLEX1000. We know you can't all pop into our store to get a hand's on demonstration before making your button making purchase so we hope this is the next best thing!

If you like to follow written instructions, we also have the FLEX1000 instruction manual available online.

And of course, if you still have questions please just email or call us and we will help you out!

Like this video and want to see more like it? Have some ideas for what you'd like to see next? Please let us know. We want these videos to help make your button making experience as awesome as possible and customer feedback does help us decide what videos to make next!



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Gifts to Make: Custom Coasters for the Holidays December 06 2017

Is there anything more special than giving or receiving a personal heartfelt gift?

The People Power team is going to score you some major cool points this holiday season with DIY personalized gift ideas. Best of all, you can leave the "DIY" part to us if you like!

 Custom Christmas Present 2017 Coaster

A customized coaster set might be the special gift your looking for! You can send along a picture and leave the rest of the designing up to our talented Design Team, or you can design a coaster yourself on The Online Button Designer.

For more info on how to use Button Designer, check out this post.

Custom Stocking Stuffer Coaster Gifts


Have a 3.5" Round Button Maker already? Purchase the supplies to make Button Coasters at home, or rent a coaster press at our shop (select 3.5" round from the drop down menu),  and we'll show you how to make coasters right in the showroom :)

Here is an instructional video showing all the steps of pressing a coaster with the Tecre Model 350 Hand Press and coaster insert.


If you're really trying to impress, why not make it a duo and design a custom bottle opener too?!



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New Kits and Special Pricing on FLEX1000 and FLEX2000 Hobby Button Maker Kits December 06 2017

It's December and that holiday shopping countdown is now on!

If you have a special crafty person on your list this year, why not consider introducing them to button making with a FLEX1000 hobby kit or a FLEX2000 hobby kit? Just in time for the holiday shopping season we are offering new kits and special pricing for both of these all-metal multi-die hobby button makers.

The FLEX1000 2-1/4" Start-Up Kit + 3" Add-On Die Set

The FLEX1000 2 Die Kit is a great place to start if you want to make mid-size and big buttons. Great for little artists who like lots of space to draw their designs. These kits include supplies to make buttons and magnets, as well as free rotary cutters for each size.Flex1000 hobby button making kit

The FLEX2000 Complete Kit (2-1/4", 1" & 1-1/2")

This FLEX2000 3 die kit includes dies to make 1", 1-1/2" and 2-1/4" buttons and magnets. This hobby maker is a different pressing style than the FLEX1000, but uses the same standard parts so the finished product looks the same. This kit allows you to make smaller designs that are great for small band buttons and mid-size art buttons.

If you are thinking of making just a few buttons for yourself and friends or some to compliment other crafts you make, both machines are ideal for these activities. Unlike the heavy duty machines that make only one size per machine, you get to have a few options when crafting with the FLEX series, but don't have to work with plastic machines that will break with use.

Make sure to make the DIY specialist or little artist on your shopping list (including YOU) extra happy this year with a button maker!




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Psst...Introducing Button Making Specials & Clearance Page That Includes Used Button Makers and Graphic Punches! December 05 2017

used button making equipment great deals

We get asked all the time about used machines and we often we have to say we don't have any used or secondhand button making equipment but ... now we do!

You will see we have a new tab on our header called "Specials & Clearance" where we will be posting, from time to time, special deals on button makers and button making supplies.

We do test all of our machines and are only selling used, secondhand and refurbished equipment that is still in good working condition. Many of our machines come from our popular rental program so we just like to make sure we cycle out some of our older machines from time to time.

If you do see something here, be sure this is something you want, but just make sure you don't hesitate too long as these machines will go quickly.

Buying any kind of used item online, however, can be a risk so while the machines you see in our new "Specials & Clearance" page are tested and have loads of life left in them, we do direct you to use some caution when looking at used, second hand and refurbished button makers and other equipment online.

 used button makers refurbished and secondhand

Some Tips to Consider When Buying Used, Second-Hand, Refurbished Button Maker Machines, Graphic Punches, and Other Button Making Equipment:

Look for solid metal machines and do your homework! If someone says "Oh it is super easy to get parts" or "You can get 1" parts anywhere!" make sure they can show you or that you can see that for yourself. People will say anything to offload a used button maker, especially if it is not a great machine or something that take a lot of money to use. Call the company directly to be sure their parts will fit your machine. Avoid machines made in China as they don't last long, are usually made of plastic with parts that are expensive and hard to find!

If looking at buying a circle cutter used: Check it out and test it if possible. Buy from trusted source. And ask a few questions: Does it need blades? Are there other replaceable parts? Are those parts easy to get? Are they priced reasonably? 

If buying a used button maker: Test the machine! Make 10-20 buttons to get a sense for how it works. Ask the same questions as above plus a few more: What kind of parts does the badge machine use? Are those parts easily available, priced reasonably? Sometimes a great deal on a used machine is quickly erased when trying to source super expensive parts. 

Buying high quality used machines - great brand name machines with good reviews - is a fantastic way to get into the button making game. You can still get a great machine that will make a great product - you don't have to settle for a hobby maker or other machine when that's not what you want - but you get to save some money because the machine isn't brand new.

This is also a great opportunity to get a graphic punch to go with the button maker you already own! Save time and money this way!

Have questions about what you see on this page? Pick up the phone and give us a call. We want you to be confident with your purchase.

And you may just want to bookmark this new page so that you can see the deals as they are listed, before they are gone!



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The Button Vending Machine is Filled with Familiar Faces December 01 2017

A war between light and darkness is raging in our Button Dispenser Machine this December.

Starwars Darth Vader and Stormtrooper buttons

For Star Wars fans across the universe, the holidays will kick off early this year, as the release date for Episode VIII - The Last Jedi is set for December 15.

Fans everywhere are speculating about what is going to happen in the next chapter of the Star Wars saga. The latest trailer is not giving away much.

The previous film, Episode VII -The Force Awakens, (SPOILER ALERT) ended right when the Force-sensitive protagonist Rey finally found Luke Skywalker, who had been lost for quite a long time.

According to the writer, Rian Johnson, the new film will begin right where The Force Awakens ended, which has raised the interesting question of whether or not the classic opening crawl that has opened every Star Wars film (A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away...) will also open this film.

One thing's for sure, the light side will once again go head to head with the dark side. 

Classic Star Wars Characters Chewbacca, R2-D2, Yoda, Small Collector Buttons

Here at People Power Press, we don't really care if you are on the dark side or the light side, as long as you are on the button side!


Have you ever seen Darth Vader in a Santa hat? Check out our NEW Star Wars parody greeting cards.  

You may (the fourth) also want to check out these custom buttons we made last spring for The Star Wars Underground community.





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Tell Your Story with ChattySnaps Keychains November 30 2017

Introducing ChattySnaps Keychain

This totally unique button keychain is turning the keychain world on its head, and we want to shout about ChattySnaps from the rooftops!

Chatty Snaps Tale New Button Keychains

Why are ChattySnaps so special?

ChattySnaps Keychains allow you to sport not one, not two, but THREE buttons at a time and if that's not wild enough, the buttons are easily interchangeable so you can change your keychain as often as you change your socks :)

Just snap off the old, and snap on the new.


Chatty Snap button Keychain Tales

How do ChattySnaps Keychains Work?

Making your very own ChattySnaps button is a breeze. The buttons are made exactly like a standard pinback button, and even use standard shells and mylar.

  1. Place your shell, artwork, and mylar into the button press.
  2. Press like usual
  3. Put in the ChattySnaps back into the button press, just like you would with a pinned back. Make sure the “snappy” side is facing down.
  4. Press, and Voila!
  5. Snap the buttons onto your key ring strap
  6. Smile, because you are now the proud owner of a ChattySnaps Keychain :)

ChattySnaps Interchangeable Button keychain

Stay tuned for the ChattySnaps How-To Video on the Button Guy YouTube Channel! You'll see how making button keychians can be a SNAP :)



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Justice Delayed is Justice Denied - Take a Stand for Hassan Diab November 29 2017



  2.25" French Revolution themed Buttons to support Hassan Diab accused terrorist awaiting trial

**UPDATE: Hassan Diab returned home to Ottawa, Canada after terrorism charges against him were dropped by French authorities. From here, Diab and his supporters want to work to see Canada's extradition laws fixed. You can continue to support this work and get involved here.**

**Important and Time Sensitive Update: On Wednesday November 29, please call Prime Minister Trudeau’s office at 1-613-992-4211, fax at 1-613-941-6900, or send an email through the form available here. You may also call his constituency office (Papineau, Quebec) at 1-514-277-6020. 

If you want help to know what to say, please see a sample script here

If you miss this date, please still call, fax or email the PM Justin Trudeau's office if you would like to help Hassan Diab's cause.**


Happy belated birthday to Hassan Diab. November 20th was yet another of his birthdays that he had to spend in a prison cell, awaiting trial.

In 2008, Lebanese-Canadian citizen, Hassan Diab, was arrested in Ottawa on instructions from French authorities who accused him of responsibility for a terrorist attack on a Paris synagogue in 1980.

In 2014 after some years in the Canadian courts, he was extradited to France to face trial, despite the Canadian judge’s view that the evidence was too weak to succeed in a fair trial.

It’s 2017 and Hassan is still in a French prison cell, in solitary confinement for 20 hours each day, awaiting trial.


Liberte for Hassan Diab French Flag Button___


Egalite before the law for Hassan Diab French Revoultion Themed Pin Button____


Fraternite - Stand with Diab French themed badge___

Diab categorically denies any involvement in the bombing in 1980; he has proof he was in Lebanon at the time of the attack, writing university exams. The French claim to have a sample of the attacker’s handwriting from his hotel registration; numerous experts have refuted the claim that this sample matches Diab’s.

The French claim to have ‘intelligence’ placing Diab at the scene but can’t or won’t substantiate that information so Diab cannot respond to it. A witness says the man at the hotel was in his 50s; Hassan was 27 in 1980.

The French prosecutors were certain enough of their case to demand Diab’s extradition from Canada but now claim they need more time to build the case. This absurd situation cannot stand – Diab deserves a fair trial now.


Je Refuse French made until Diab is tried 2-1/4" buttons

Until 2008, Hassan Diab worked as a university professor at University of Ottawa and Carleton University. He is a father and husband and a law-abiding Canadian citizen. His main crime seems to be having come from Lebanon and deciding to make Canada his home.

Our extradition laws are so weak that a foreign power only has to show that there is a prima facie case – not that the case is winnable – and a Canadian citizen faces extradition.

Hassan Diab is any one of us who might have come from somewhere else or who might find themselves at the centre of a foreign political witch hunt. Canada has to insist on justice for Diab now.

Hassan Diab has been the victim of an abuse of state power on the one hand and an abdication of state responsibility on the other. He deserves Canada’s and Canadians’ support to get a fair trial in France now. What has happened to him could happen to any of us.

Je Refuse Boycott Made in France until terrorist accused Hassan Diab is triedJe refuse French wine until Hassan Diab is tried 2-1/4" pin for Canadian citizen accused of terror attack

The Canadian Government must take a stand for Hassan Diab and for us all. We hope this was the last birthday Hassan Diab had to spend without a fair trial.

Want to Help Take a Stand for Hassan?

If you are interested in learning more about Hassan's case and how you can help to get involved you can follow along here:


You can also sign the change.org petition.








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Great Gift Idea: Turn Instagram Memories into Custom Fridge Magnets November 29 2017

The Holidays are a fabulous time to take a moment and think of the year gone by and soon your social media feeds will be jammed with everyone's memories of the past year. But we had a thought - let's take those memories out of a packed Instagram feed, lost when someone keeps on scrolling, and put them somewhere else!

Commemorate the special moments of 2017 with custom photo buttons and magnets made from pics on your Instagram feed!

We had a pretty awesome year so we took just a few of our favourite memories and made square fridge magnets. 

If you want to see what else 2017 involved for us at People Power Press, you can take a peek at our Instagram here :)

Custom Instagram Photo Fridge Magnets

Stay true to the Instagram look with square magnets, or shake it up with round, rectangle, or oval. This a a great and unique way to give friends and families a special gift too!

Simply place a custom magnet order, and send your favorite pictures to us via email at info@peoplepowerpress.org.

To save yourself the setup fee, you can also upload your images and size them to the templates on our website, or on the The Online Button Designer!

If you have any questions about ordering special moment buttons or magnets, please don't hesitate to give us a shout at (416) 204-1984 :) We're excited to hear from you!

And let us take this moment to thank all our wonderful button community for helping to make 2017 another super awesome year. We are so grateful to you all and are looking forward to making more memories with you in 2018. :)



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We Are Now Carrying Mr. Button Parts & Supplies! November 28 2017

Anyone who knows the world of button making knows that not all button parts are made equal. Some machines will only take certain parts. Others just won't fit even if they are also supposed to be the same size.

And it's a real bummer when someone is looking for parts for their machine that we just don't have. So in the effort to make more button makers happy, we are now carrying parts and supplies for Mr. Button brand machines.

Mr Button Blue or Grey Hand Press Hand Held Button Maker

This company is also based in the U.S. but their machines will only take Mr. Button brand parts.

So we now carry pinback supplies for 3 sizes:

1-5/8" Round Mr. Button Pinback Supplies:

mr button button parts

2-1/3" Round Mr. Button Pinback Supplies:

mr. buttons button supplies

3-1/8" Round Mr. Button Pinback Supplies:

mr. button us badge parts

Not sure if you have a Mr. Button button maker? While we don't sell the Mr. Button machines, we are including some photos so you can see for yourself.

Mr Button Bench Press Grey or Black Pin machine

And for those of you with machines that use Badge Parts brand or USA Buttons brand parts...we will have those parts online soon for you to purchase too! Stay tuned. :)



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Send Warm Wishes with Button Greeting Cards November 22 2017

Hip Hip Hooray! The People Power Press Button greeting Card Collection is here for another holiday season.

Each full colour card is blank on the inside, and comes with a special pinback button and envelope.

Hand Made Button Greeting Cards Toronto

Browse the entire collection of general greeting cards here.

All Button Greeting Card designs are available in store and online. To ensure that holiday items arrive to you with time to spare, please order as soon as possible.



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Rockabilly Band Buttons for The Dice Cubes November 20 2017

These custom 1" Round Rockabilly Band Buttons are some swag that we made for the The Dice Cubes, a four-piece group from Edmonton, Alberta.


Rockabilly Band Merchendise Custom 1 Inch Buttons

The pseudo-retro button designs perfectly compliment their rockin' throw-back sound and quirky lyrics. Take a listen to some of their tunes here.

The Dice Cubes are currently recording a new album and are jazzed to spread their live show throughout the region.

Rockabilly Retro Custom Band Merch


Facebook @thedicecubes
Listen to The Dice Cubes



If you're thinking of getting some merch to take your band marketing to the next level, take a look at these Lyric Video & Custom Button Bundles!

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Upcycled Basura Bags Turn Trash into Totes! November 16 2017

Recycling can mean a whole lot more than just using your blue bin, and our Bazura Bag Collection is a testament to the wonders of upcycling!


Why Bazura Bags?

Bazura Bags are made by a Women's Co-operative in the Philippines. All products are made of used juice containers, recycled rice bags and discarded advertising banners!

These upcycled bags not only eliminate the need to use plastic shopping bags, but also make for less trash on the streets. Now THAT'S a win / win situation for sure :)


So Many Styles to Choose From!

Whether you're in need of a shopping bag, lunch bag, pencil case, purse, or even a luggage tag, Bazura has got the pouch for you. Take a peek at some of the different Bazura Bags below!

Don't think that just because we are taking about bags that we forgot about buttons! Each Bazura product comes with a bonus custom made People Power Press button pocket mirror, button bottle opener, button zipper pull, or button keychain.



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Free Gift with your next order from People Power Press! November 13 2017

Pile of colorful pinback buttons, receive free gift with purchase

Don't be surprised if you receive a surprise with your next order from us!

There is nothing we love more than buttons (well, maybe magnets!) and we want to share that love with all of you. 

Pinback Button Classic I Love (Heart) Buttons

Next time you open your package from People Power Press, you will find one of these quirky, inspiring or cute 1-1/4" buttons! No discount code needed!

Button Badge Stephen King Inspired, It, the Dancing ClownBlue fashion pin 'I let my buttons do the talking''Creativipin' word play pun pinback button'Kiss My Button' Art deco inspired Fashion Pin badge

Each time you order from us you should receive one complimentary button (why not try to collect them all?).

'Buttoneers Rock' Iron Maiden Heavy Metal inspired pin button'The Power of the Press' Promotional Pin Merchendise

We hope there is something for everybody to enjoy!

'Central Pintelligence Agency' Pinback inspired by CIA badge Comic con pin badge 'Say it with a button'Lord of the Rings parody pin badge 'One button to rule them all'

Feeling inspired? Need to create your own button design ASAP?

Check out our free-to-use online Button Designer!

Now that we have shared something with you, we would love to have you share something with us!

Show us your buttons by connecting with us on Instagram and our other social media channels.

Button Power Activate!



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Introducing The Super-Dooper, Multi-Purpose, Graphic Punch Cleaner! November 10 2017

Button maker maintenance is important to keep your hand press is good working condition. However, the graphic punch does a lot of work too, and every once in a while, also needs some TLC. We are now carrying a new tool to clean your graphic punch and avoid costly circle cutter repairs!

Thanks to the Graphic Punch Cleaner,  graphic punch repair has never been easier! Add this product to your button making toolbox so that you can fix your graphic punch on the spot.

Graphic Punch Cleaner

Just slide the paper thin piece of metal in the slot where the paper is inserted, and slowly move it around to clear out small bits of paper, adhesive, and whatever else gets stuck in there! Seconds later, you'll have a graph punch that's like new again!

how to fix graphic punch

NEW! Check out this video to see just how this handy little tool works along with some other maintenance tips for your circle cutter.



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Custom Buttons for Athletes: Night Terrors Run Crew November 07 2017

Night Terrors Run Crew (NTRC) is an inclusive running group for athletes (and non-athletes) of all skill levels.

From first time runners to seasoned professionals, NTRC members take to the streets of Toronto after the sun goes down and get an awesome workout while exploring the city and rural trails.

pinback buttons for Night Terrors Running Crew

These custom running crew buttons are for members celebrating their first "Runniversary," and are a great low-cost offering to commemorate the occasion.

If you're involved with a running group and are thinking about custom buttons of your own, who not try out Custom Sneaker Buttons made specifically to be worn on the shoelace of a running shoe!




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Vinyl Bumper Stickers by People Power Press November 03 2017

Why just share the road with other drivers, when you can also share your personality and opinions? Now it's easy to get your voice heard on the road, with the People Power Press Bumper Sticker Collection!

Baby on Board Vinyl Bumper Sticker Collection

Tell other drivers that you have a baby on board, or subtly let them know that you don't condone distracted driving! Be a little silly, or a bit political! It's your car, so anything goes :)

Vinyl Bumper Sticker Political Funny

If you don't have a vehicle in your life, that's ok! These stickers also look great on guitar cases, skateboards, tool boxes, and work cubicles.

Have your own phrase or image that you would LOVE to see on a sticker? Have some custom vinyl stickers made with your very own design! Take a look at all of the shapes and sizes of custom stickers we have to offer :)


Let your voice be heard, without saying a word!


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Mustache Buttons for Movember November 01 2017

For the month of November, our Button Vending Machine will be carrying "Smashing Staches," a collection of notable celebrity mustaches. 


Mustache Buttons November Vending Machine

We've got the "Dali" for all you surrealists out there, and if you're a bit more practical, the "Selleck" may be the one for you. Whether or not you can grow one yourself, come on by and get a mustache button for only a loonie all November long. 

Find out more about charitable Movember efforts to support men's health including prostate cancer, testicular cancer, mental health and suicide prevention.

 Available in-store at 3095 Dundas Street West, Toronto.


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Buttons for Funk & Reggae, and Blues Band, Poor Man's High October 27 2017

Everyone should have access to great music and Toronto band Poor Man's High always makes sure there is plenty of great music - and buttons! - to go around.

Playing a mix of original and cover songs, this 10-piece outfit covers genres from funk and reggae to blues rock, and sites influences including Elvis Presley, James Brown, and the Rolling Stones. It feels like calling this an eclectic mix would be an understatement!

 Toronto Band Merch

Poor Man's High have been making their custom band pins with us and just picked up some more of their custom band buttons hot off the press!  The clean design and bold colors of the band's logo look right at home on these custom 1.25" round pinback buttons.

They hope to see you shake a leg on the dance floor at their next show! It will be a fun experience so you are sure to have a great time. Look out for those great band buttons too!

If you are a band and are looking to create some similarly awesome band merch for your fans, just reach out and we can help you make that happen!


Always know where the party is at by following Poor Man's High on Social Media:

Website (www.poormanshigh.com)
Twitter (@poormanshigh)
Facebook (facebook.com/poormanshigh)
Instagram @poormanshigh

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Now Accepting Donations for The Button Guy's Online Button Designer September 29 2017

Donate to The Button Guy's Online Button Designer Software

If you've designed a button from scratch, you've probably come across the free Online Button Designer Software courtesy of The Button Guy.

With over 20,000 unique accounts, Online Button Designer is not only some of the greatest button designing software out there, but is also completely free to use! No graphic design skills required.


Donate to The Button Guy's Online Button Designer

As more and more people enjoy Online Button Designer, we are continuously running out of server space. The result is users are unable to access their accounts until more space is made on the server. The causes delays in button making, even for a few hours, which is a big deal for us especially as many Button Designer users run small businesses and are working to deadlines.

Currently, Online Button Designer is in such high demand that the only way to ensure that the software continues to run smoothly is by asking for your help. It is very important to keep this software free as an accessible resource for making buttons, but the server issues mean there have been more frequent outages.

We are now gratefully accepting donations to support the free Online Button Designer software.

To make a contribution, click here and select a denomination from the drop down menu.

Thank you for continuing to use Button Designer and for helping us to help more people use it.



More Blog Posts about Online Button Designer:

Video: How To Use Online Button Designer

The Button Guy YouTube Channel

Button Designer: Quick, Easy, and Free!



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Label Obscura: Canadian Indie Rock Buttons September 12 2017

Label Obscura is a website and music label that celebrates Canadian bands and albums from the past and present.

With a focus on releasing Canadian indie rock that never got a vinyl release or is currently out of print, Label Obscura celebrates the glory days while also introducing sounds to a new generation of listeners.

Canadian Indie Rock Buttons, Canadian Music Label Merch, Custom Pinback Buttons Toronto,

The Label Obscura website features news, reviews, interviews, and ruminations on mostly Canadian music, but don't worry, they don't discriminate against awesome tunes made elsewhere.

Their custom 1" round Indie Rock Buttons evoke the spirit of Canadian indie rock with a twist of crisp modernity.

 WEBSITE labelobscura.com
TWITTER @label_obscura
FACEBOOK @labelobscura




Excited about Canadian Music?

Check out the People Power Press "Music Makes the World Go Round" button collection. It will make you wanna put a record on and bust out some dance moves!

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Shadowlands: Glow in the Dark Buttons for Toronto Fringe Festival July 14 2017

This week, we had the absolute pleasure of making some Custom Glow in the Dark  Pinback Buttons for Shadowlands, a one-woman play in the Toronto Fringe Festival.

Savanna Harvey of Pretentious Productions is the writer and star of this experimental theater piece, which runs until July 16th in Toronto.

Glow in the Dark Buttons for Shadowlands at Toronto Fringe Festival

These amazing Custom 1-1/2" Glow in the Dark Buttons are made with Dura-Larilm (instead of mylar) in combination with a Glow in the Dark material (instead of paper).

The end effect is spooky and perfect for this play, which is staged in total darkness!!

The Graphic Designer behind these pinbacks in the very clever Alex Kirkpatrick who did an amazing job at capturing the mood of the production in a pinback button series which is no small feat! Check out more of Alex's work here.

Shadowlands Play by Savanna Harvey of Pretentious Productions Toronto Fringe Festival Buttons

To learn more about Shadowlands, check out the links below:

Website: www.savannaharvey.ca

Email: pretentiousproductionsart@gmail.com

Facebook: @Pretentioustheatre

Twitter: @PretentiousPlay

Instagram: pretentiousproductionsart


Thanks Savannah, and break a leg!




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Artist and Producer Daiza Shines with New Music and Custom Sparkly Buttons July 13 2017

Daiza is a musician based in Boston. She released her first single Metal Mouth this past March and released another single Crying Blanks in April.

The art-electronic producer and artist is currently doing shows to promote her new music and we got involved to help her make some unique concert merch.

daiza music

She designed these beautiful cards with custom 1.25" buttons for a show. We see a lot of custom orders come through our shop, but this one definitely caught our eye.

A double-sided pink card has one of two custom sparkly buttons attached and branded with all Daiza's contact information, including a QR code. We kind of love them!

Holographic Buttons with Custom Printing

The sparkly effect is from printing the artwork on Dura-Lar, a transparent film, and then placing over gold foil. You can read more about this process in this post about making holographic pinback buttons.

You can also see how it all works in the Button Guy video about How to Make Holographic Pinback Buttons:



We have a number of custom printing and packaging options available in addition to a different special finishes.
unique concert merch
Daiza's order beautifully combined all of these things and we feel these sparkly button cards are a perfect complement to her sound. We will be continuing to follow as Daiza's career continues to evolve and do hope you take a listen too!

Check out Diaza and her music online:

Website: www.daizamusic.com

Soundcloud: soundsbydaiza

Instagram: @soundsbydaiza

Twitter: @soundsbydaiza

Facebook: @soundsbydaiza

Looking for Unique Custom Options for Selling Buttons at a Show?

If you want to create some unique concert merch for an upcoming show or tour, we are here to help! A button doesn't have to be just a button if you are looking for something extra special for your fans.

You can let us know what you have in mind or you can call us and we can talk you through some of your different options. 



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Pin On Your Canadian Pride with Buttons for Canada Day June 23 2017

Oh Canada, it's almost your birthday and you are looking pretty good for 150 years.

We've made a special Canada Eh?! button collection to help celebrate the big day. You can pin on your Canadian pride with these red and white buttons for Canada Day.

buttons for Canada Day

So many choices for Canada Day Buttons

The special themed 1.25" round glossy Canada buttons are available individually - pick out only the designs you want - or as pre-packaged Canada pin packs that contain a random mix of 4 buttons. There are 5 fun and patriotic designs available to choose from.

The pin packs are great for selling in your own store or for fundraising efforts. Or buy a bunch to give out to family and friends so you can all show your Canadian pride this Canada Day.


See a design you like, but not the size you want? Want your pre-packaged Canada pin backs to contain specific designs? Have your own Canada Day design you want to see on a button? If what you want isn't shown here, just contact us and we will be sure to help you get what you need.

Official Canada 150 merchandise also available

If you're feeling extra excited about Canada 150, you can also check out our official Canada 150 merchandise. We have Canada 150 pins, magnets and stickers available.Official Canada 150 merchandise

With our help you will have no trouble showing love for Canada this Canada Day and beyond.

So get some Oh Canada buttons and have a Happy Canada Day, eh?


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Introducing Bumper Stickers at People Power Press June 21 2017

You can now get vinyl bumper stickers from us! The bumper sticker is a powerful marketing tool, that is often used for advertising and political campaigns. 

I bet you didn't know that the world's first bumper sticker was created in the mid-1940s by a screen printer from Kansas named Forest Gill. What the history's first car decal actually looked like is unknown. But Gill was certainly on to something with his sticky bumper signs!

Vintage Bumper Sticker Everglades National Park

Tourist attractions became Gill's first big clients. They quickly realized the advertising potential in using cars as moving billboards. The car owners didn't mind sticking a message on their bumper, they would even pay for it! The bumper sticker was seen as a nice souvenir, a physical memory to cherish (and maybe to show off to the neighbors back home).

Political vintage bumper sticker, presidential election of 1956 'We like and we'll stick with Ike and Dick'

In the 1950s, political bumper stickers became increasingly popular. In time for the re-election of Dwight Eisenhower and Richard Nixon, these now vintage 1956 'We Like Ike and Dick' stickers were seen on many cars. Ever since, bumper stickers have played a crucial part in every election.

People Power Press Vinyl Bumper Sticker I Did Not Vote For Him 2016
Donald Trump Vinyl Bumper Sticker from People Power Press


Today, bumper stickers are often seen in a negative light. Research even shows that people who decorate their cars are more likely to express road rage than other drivers.

But before social media arrived, bumper stickers might have been one of very few ways for ordinary Joe to convey a message to a public audience.

Still in the digital age, bumper stickers provide a way for drivers to not only share the road, but also their opinions, personality and the occasional gag with fellow drivers.

Maybe you have smirked at a "My other car is a Porsche" bumper sticker, or been reminded of proper road etiquette by a "Don't drink and drive" or "Hang up and drive" decal.

People Power Press Vinyl Bumper Sticker Distracted Driving Accept or Decline
Distracted Driving Vinyl Bumper Sticker from People Power Press


Not to forget all the variations of "Honk if you..." bumper stickers! Its origin story dates back to the 1970's and the Watergate scandal. Back then, D.C drivers who wanted President Nixon impeached put the message “Honk if you think he’s guilty” on their bumpers.

Feel like personalizing your rear end with something amazing? Browse our collection of vinyl bumper stickers!

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Custom FIRST Robotics Competition Buttons for Team 2994 The ASTECHZ June 16 2017

FIRST Robotics custom buttons

Ottawa's All Saints High School ASTECHZ robotics team was formed in 2007, but this year has been a big one. The ASTECHZ, also known as Team 2994, traveled to the 2017 FIRST Robotics World Championships in St. Louis, Missouri.

Before they went to the World Championships, they were in Toronto for the Greater Toronto Central Regional FIRST Robotics Canada competition where they won silver.

Before these events they had us make them some big 4" custom buttons that are hard to miss. 

Team 2994 is a group of 25 students who take on various roles including business, manufacturing, design and controls.

This team is just one of the many FIRST Robotics teams that we work with to either help them make their own buttons or to make custom competition buttons for them.

We love the concept of FIRST Robotics. FIRST is an acronym: For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology and the program is meant to build valuable skills in science, engineering and technology. The competitions also allow participants to develop self-confidence and leadership. And of course they get to build robots, which is awesome!

So Why Buttons for Robotics Competitions?

Buttons at FIRST Robotics competitions are a bit of a thing, if you aren't familiar with the events. Teams will wear custom buttons to be noticed and will also trade buttons with other teams. When asking another team for buttons to collect, they also have the opportunity to have a conversation with their fellow competitors and share the spirit of friendship. 

Resources to Help You Design Your Own Robotics Buttons!

If you are part of a robotics team and would like to design your own buttons, there are a few great resources to help you do that:

People Power Press Templates - Our very own templates 

Free Online Button Designer - This program is easy to use and will let you print your artwork

Canva - This one isn't specifically for buttons, but is a free program that lets you create great looking designs without being a graphic designer. You would then just put your artwork into one of the button templates above.  

Follow the Adventures of Team 2994 

You can see just what Team 2994 is up to and what they've been making by following them online:

Team 2994's own website

Team 2994 on Facebook

Team 2994 on Twitter


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FLEX1000 and FLEX2000 Hobby Button Maker Manuals Now Available Online June 16 2017

If you have a FLEX1000 or FLEX2000 hobby button maker and have lost the instruction manual that was sent with your start-up kit, don't worry! You can now download the instruction manual for each model here.

 multi-size button makerall metal hobby pin machine

Download the FLEX1000 Instruction Manual (No Rings) here.

Download the FLEX2000 Instruction Manual here.

Just a note about any reference to rings. Our newer models don't require the plastic rings so if you see any reference to them, but you never received the rings, don't worry. Your version of the machine does not use plastic rings. Not sure, give us a call and we can help you out.

Keep it paperless and access online whenever you need it or print it out if you'd like a tangible copy. The choice is now yours.

Even if you don't have one of our all-metal FLEX machines you can take a peek to walk through the steps and see how it works!

And for the visual folks out there, here are the Button Guy videos showing you the FLEX1000 and FLEX2000 button makers in action. See how both hobby pin machines work:

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Custom Rounded Rectangle Buttons are Here: A Smooth and Sleek Option for Name Tags June 07 2017

It’s not often that a new pin shape is introduced, but there is a new button kid on the block. Helloooo Custom Rounded Rectangle Buttons!

This button has rounded corners, making it a smoother and sleeker option for name tags, poster art, marketing and campaign buttons.

rounded rectangle name tag buttons

Many Great Uses for the Rounded Rectangle Button

These are just a few great choices for this new pin shape:

Name Tags - Rounded rectangle buttons make great durable event name tags for workshops, trade shows and conventions. They can double as great event souvenirs.

Marketing Buttons - Available as 1-3/4” x 2-3/4” pinbacks, these buttons are the same size as a business card, which makes this button an obvious choice for marketing your business.

Poster Art Buttons - This new pin shape is a perfect choice for poster art buttons because of their layout and retro design.

Two Sizes Available!

The new rounded rectangle button comes in 1-3/4” x 2-3/4” and 2” x 3” sizes. The smaller size is the same size as a business card. The larger size gives you a bit more room to make your message stand out.

1-3/4" x 2-3/4" rounded rectangle business card buttons2" x 3" rounded rectangle campaign buttons

A Perfect Choice for Vertical and Horizontal Layouts

The rounded corner buttons are available as vertical or horizontal pins. These layouts may be more suitable for logos and designs that are also have vertical or horizontal designs.

Now you get a rounded corner without having to adapt your design to a circle or oval shape and possibly losing part of your artwork.

But if you are looking for something with a harder edge, be sure to check out all our custom button sizes so you can make the choice that best suits your design!


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Celebrate Confederation with Canada 150 Buttons, Magnets, and Stickers! June 02 2017

Canada Day will be here before you know it, and Canada Day 2017 will be like no other!

On July 1st, Canada is going to be officially turning 150 years old! There are tons of great events happening all across the country and People Power Press wants you to be ready to show your love for The True North Strong and Free!

1.25" Canada 150 Buttons Official logo, Confederation, Canada Day 2017,

The People Power Press Canada 150 Official Logo Collection contains a range of sizes and colours so you can show your individuality as well as your patriotism!

Not only are these products all made in Canada, they are made in-store to order right here in our Toronto shop!

The 1-1/4" Canada 150 Official Logo Buttons are available in a rainbow of colours, a handful of these colours are shown in the above image. If you'd like to get some Canada 150 Buttons in a colour that is not offered in the drop-down menu, just give us a call at 416-204-1984 or email info@peoplepowerpress.org and let us know which colour you'd like :)

Official Canada 150 Merch doesn't stop at buttons either. Take a look at these 2-1/4" round button bottle openers and magnets! Available in quantities from 1 to 5000 in three cool designs / colour combos.

If round isn't the shape for you maybe these Rounded Rectangle Magnets and Pinback Buttons fit the bill:


Official Canada 150 merchLast but not least, these Canada 150 Official Logo Stickers on a roll are a great give away for Canada Day! Made of polypropylene vinyl, these stickers are tear resistant and are available in 3 sizes: 1", 2" and 3" round.

Official Canada 150 Logo

These stickers are printed to order and come in rolls of 100, 500, and 1000 so you can get a bit sticker crazy!

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A Perfect Spring Soundtrack and Custom 1" Buttons from Fallen Love Records May 24 2017

If you are looking for a great-sounding Spring soundtrack, we think we've got it! Our friends at Fallen Love Records recently released Secret Gardens, a compilation of picnic pop featuring 22 artists from around the world. In conjunction with the release they also had us make these adorable 1” custom buttons.
Fallen Love Records fan buttons

Fallen Love Records is a bedroom pop label based out of Oshawa. Their latest release Secret Gardens is full of great spring songs that will carry you through the season and beyond when – brr! - spring is only a memory.

The custom 1” buttons are included in a sweet package along some other great items when you purchase Secret Gardens now. Head on over to the Fallen Love Records site get your copy of Secret Gardens - with your own tiny button!

Band buttons for connecting with fans

The latest Fallen Love Records release is a great example of how band buttons can enhance a relationship between artists and fans. Buttons can always be sold at shows or online to support music labels and musicians, but they can also be tokens of appreciation for fans. These band buttons can then be collected or worn to share that support with the rest of the world.

These Fallen Love Records pins are custom 1” buttons, which are the most popular band button size, but custom 7/8” buttons and custom 1.25” custom buttons are great options too. If you want to stand out from the crowd, you can see all custom button sizes here.

Fallen Love Records Secret Gardens release with button

Other ideas for musicians

Add a lyric music video to your button order with these lyric video + custom button packages.

Liking the idea of band buttons so much, you want to make them yourself? Get going with a Standard 1” Button Maker Start-Up Kit.

Follow Fallen Love Records online!

Instagram: @fallenloverecs

Twitter: @fallenloverecs

Tumblr: fallenloverecords


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Buttons for a Cause: The "More Than a Label" Slow Clothing Movement May 13 2017

A group of students from Acadia University is handing out buttons for a cause. They want these custom buttons to change the way people think about the clothing they buy and wear with a simple question: "Ask Me About My Sustainable Outfit!"

More Than a Label is a slow clothing movement that supports buying used clothing, repurposing the clothing you already have and buying items that are built to last.

Custom buttons for a cause

The group had these custom buttons made to get people talking about their clothes. See someone wearing one of these buttons? Go ahead and ask them what the story is behind their clothes! 

Visit More Than a Label on Facebook and Instagram to read the many clothing stories they have collected there too. 

More Than a Label sustainable outfit clothing

Create your own buttons for a cause to get the word out and for fundraising

Are you thinking about buttons for a cause that's near and dear to your heart? Buttons are a great way to share your message. A single button let's people see your message while also inviting folks to ask questions if they are interested in learning more. You can promote your cause without saying a word!

Buttons for a cause like these ones from More Than a Label can also be a great fundraising idea. Your supporters can purchase a button, which helps raise funds for your cause, but has the added bonus in that when they wear the pin they are helping you spread your message.

It's easy to design custom buttons with free online tools

And designing your button is very easy with some great tools available online. Check out the free online button design program The Button Designer to create simple message pins in no time. A quick online search will also produce some other free design programs to create your image, which you can then upload into our button templates.

Other great examples of buttons with a message

Toronto Save Buttons

Together Project

Kids' Lit Quiz

Got a cause, but not sure where to start? We'd love to talk about your button ideas with you to help get you started. Just give us a call or drop us a line!

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Fun Giveaway Idea for Spring Trade Shows with 2.5” x 3.5” Rectangle Magnets and Pocket Mirrors May 09 2017

Hooray, it’s Spring!

Besides warmer weather, it is also time for Spring trade shows and the start of a busy wedding season. Want a great, fun giveaway idea? 2.5” x 3.5” Rectangle Magnets and Pocket Mirrors are the answer!

TWO new Button Guy videos!

Learn how simple it is to make 2.5” x 3.5” Rectangle Magnets and Pocket Mirrors with two new videos from The Button Guy! The first video walks you through making 2.5” x 3.5” Peel n' Stick Rectangle Magnets.

The second new Button Guy video shows the step-by-step process of making 2.5” x 3.5” Rectangle Purse/Pocket Mirrors. Making mirrors is fun, but there are a few tricks here that will help you be successful.

Why this size?

The 2.5" x 3.5" rectangle is great size for making magnets and mirrors because you get maximum surface space to display your artwork. With a bigger mirror you have a practical item to sell or give away to Spring trade show and wedding guests. People will actually want to stick these mirrors in their purse or bag to use all the time!

Getting started!

To get started you will need the 2.5” x 3.5” Rectangle Button Maker Kit. This machine also comes with pinback parts. To make magnets, you will need to order 2.5” x 3.5” Rectangle Peel n’ Stick Magnets and to make pocket mirrors, you will need to order 2.5” x 3.5” Rectangle Pocket Mirrors.

If you are loving this fun giveaway idea, but not ready to get your own button maker or don't have the time to make them - we did say busy wedding season - then we can do it for you! We have many design options available so you can send us your artwork or we can design from scratch or we can do something in between. 

See the options for custom 2.5" x 3.5" peel n' stick rectangle magnets.

Check out the choices for custom 2.5" x 3.5" rectangle pocket/purse mirrors here. 

Take a look to see all of our custom magnet sizes here and all of our custom mirror sizes here.


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May The Fourth Be With You: The Star Wars Underground Buttons are Out of this World! May 04 2017


The Star Wars Underworld

Forget all the other days on the calendar, because today is the day that matters for Star Wars fans around the world. May 4th has come to be known as May the Fourth Be With You Day, or Star Wars Day.

We thought it would be the perfect day to showcase our friends at The Star Wars Underworld and their out-of-this-world custom buttons.

The Star Wars Underground is a great community where fans all over the world can join one platform and connect with each other. The platform is fan-driven and family-friendly so Star Wars fans of any age can take part! 

Custom Buttons For Community Members

We had the chance to work with the rad guys over at to make these super cool and well designed buttons. Pinback custom buttons for community members allow them share that they belong in a special community and to express the voice, message and personality of that membership. We think these buttons do exactly that. 

The larger Custom 2" Round Button is a great pin size for extra visibility to showcase The Star Wars Underground logo. The smaller Custom 1-1/4" Round Button is great size for fun designs and messages that members can pin and wear all the time. 

Depending on what message or design you want to express, there is a pin size and shape that will perfectly suit the needs of your special community members! We would love to talk through all of those options with you so reach out to us anytime!

May the Fourth Be With YouExplore more with The Star Wars Underground Online!

What started as a Facebook page has now expanded into a full website and a podcast. You can also find them on a variety of other platforms:

The Star Wars Underground on Tumblr 
The Star Wars Underground on Instagram
The Star Wars Underground on Twitter
The Star Wars Underground on Google+
The Star Wars Underground on YouTube

May The Fourth Be With You all today!


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