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Parts & Supplies for Standard 7/8" Button Makers


7/8" Button Parts and accessories for the 7/8" Button Maker.  The everything packs give you everything you need to make the product except of course the image. So for a pin-back button, known as a lock-pin in this size, you get the shell, mylar, collet and lock pin.  If you choose everything for peel n' stick magnets you get the shell, mylar, collet and the peel n' stick magnet to pop in the back of the button.  With this size you can make your buttons and then decide afterwards if you want to make it a pin-back or a magnet.

7/8" is probably the world's smallest button maker. Want tiny buttons or magnets?

On this page we have all available supplies for the 7/8" Button Maker in various pack sizes according to the product:  10, 25, 100, 500 or 1000's.

Choose your item and your packsize using the dropdown menu.

Common Uses

7/8" buttons are probably the smallest buttons in the world! These super cute and tiny buttons are a great marketing tool for emerging artists and are especially loved by (but not limited to!) kids, teens, and young adults. The compact size makes them fashionable (not too bulky) and easy to sell in collections. Simple designs with no more than 1-3 words fit best on this size, this is after all the worlds smallest button size.

These tiny buttons make:

  • Great Flat Back Buttons for Crafts & Games
  • Cool Extra Strong Ceramic Magnets
  • Tiny Fridge Magnets

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