Events Are Back This Summer So Are You Ready With Custom Swag? April 20 2022

It feels like a while, but after a couple of years with a lot of ups and downs (maybe more downs), things are open again and this summer events are back.

Festivals, markets, concerts and more are making a comeback and we couldn't be more excited. It seems like it is not just us too. Many people are ready to get out and have a good time this summer by attending events again. 


summer event buttons 2022



If you are planning an event this summer - or any time - are you ready for it? If you are thinking of having custom items on hand for sale or to just hand out, make sure you've got your custom buttons ordered in time. 

Over here the orders are coming in strong for events and so this is how we know things will be different this year compared to the last two years. We are operating at full production and are ready for your custom button orders. 

We don't need a lot of lead time to get your order done, but we do recommend that earlier is always better when having custom pins made with a time-sensitive event, especially if you need your order shipped.


summer festival buttons 2022


What Size of Button Should I Choose For Events?


button making at summer events



If you aren't sure what size of button you should pick, we can help you with that. There are a few sizes that are most common, but this depends on the purpose of the button. 


1-inch Buttons - The Classic Band Button

This is one of our smallest button sizes and is usually the size of band buttons - the pins bands sell at shows or in their online merch shop for fans to collect and pin on a jacket or bag. 

Great for: concerts, music festivals, simple logo buttons

Order 1" Buttons Here.


1.25" Buttons - Most Popular Pin Size

This pin size is just a bit bigger than the band button. Still wearable, that extra 1/4-inch gives a bit more real estate for your design. This allows images and text to be more visible while still being able to wear on your coat or backpack. 

Great for: events, festivals, markets, button collecting, pin packs (sets of 3-5 buttons)

Order 1-1/4" Buttons Here.


2-1/4" Buttons - The Campaign Button 

This button is bigger so one you will wear when you really want it to be seen. Not silly big, but this is the size usually worn during political campaigns and elections. It lets you include a longer message or photo without needing to squint to read it. Also the best option for staff and volunteers so that they can be easily identified. 

Great for: elections, kids events, event staff, summer camp

 Order 2.25" Buttons Here.


If you still need help to decide, please just contact us so we can help you out. Questions about production timelines? We can walk you through that too. 

We look forward to helping make your event a real success this summer!