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3 mil Mylar - Standard Bulk Mylar for Button Making

 Mylar is the glossy finish on a button.  Mylar allows you to use low cost standard white paper when making buttons and then covers over your artwork with a glossy finish making your pin-back buttons durable and weatherproof.  Mylar comes in a pre-cut size to match your button maker exactly.

This mylar is the standard 3 ml mylar.  This is the most common kind of mylar for button making.  Certain button makers require 2 mil mylar like Macaron machines.  You can also use 2 mil mylar if you are using thicker card or photo paper.  The 2 mil mylar can help if your paper is thick.

If you have a standard button maker like a tecre button maker it will be 3 mil or .003 mylar. If you need the thinner 2 mil mylar you can follow this link: 2 mil Mylar

If in doubt ask the Button Guy.


Available in 100's 500's or 1000's.  Choose your size below.

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