Circle Cutters & Graphic Punches

 What size circles do you want to cut?  Depends on what size button maker you have.  If you have a 1 inch button maker it is not too difficult to guess that you need a 1 inch graphic punch or circle cutter.  But note that a standard 1" circle cutter cuts at 1.313" and not 1".

Fast and accurate circle cutting is key to good button making.  If the circles are cut badly the best button maker in the world cannot make good buttons.

There are many kinds of graphic punches, adjustable rotary cutters, die cutters, circle cutters with knife blades and wheel cutters.  There are advantages and disadvantages to all kinds of  circle cutters.  Here are some images.

The graphic punch remains the fastest, safest (no open blade) and most accurate way to cut circles for button making.  If you need to cut fabric go for a rotary cutter with a wheel cutter.  Adjustable rotary cutters are good if you want multiple button makers but only want to buy one circle cutter.


Fixed size rotary circle cutter adjustable rotary circle cutter Bench Press Circle Cutter 6" tecre circle cutter Hobby Hand Cutter for 1 inch circle cutting
graphic punch for fast circle cutting Graphic Punch for circle cutting adjustable hobby circle cutter Die Cutting Press & Cutting Board Hydraulic Bench Circle Cutter for production cutting

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